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Erin - January 29

I found an article that discusses an equation you can use to predict your baby's birthweight.. it's supposed to be more accurate than ultrasound. I think I messed it up though when I did mine because it predicted a 13 pound baby!! I sure hope that my math was off... lol anyway here it is:


Drew - January 29

That was really neat, cept I suck big time as far as equations go for math! So I printed it up and I'm going to show it to my ob and let him do the work!! lol


Yeah - January 29

cool article but I suck at math ;-)


hc - January 29

great article, according to it, I am supposed to give birth to a baby which weighs 3171gram. ie 6.9bl!! That sounds about right.


Erin - January 29

Good job hc!! I'm not great at math either, maybe later I'll try to work this out again.. because I really really hope 13 pounds is not right!


shelly - January 29

I thought I was really good at math, but unless i'm having a 179 pound baby, I think I'm off....


jb - January 29

I am with Shelly....I thought I was good at math!!! According to my calculations, I am having a 1 pound baby!!! It was an interesting article though.


Amber - January 29

I got 7.67 pounds :P a nice size baby!


erin - January 29

This is really cool. I'm going to show my midwife. It says my baby will be 8.5 pounds on my due date, that sounds great to me. My last one was 9.5 so anything smaller would be nice!


Erin - January 29

I tried again and got 12.68... I have to be messing it up. I'll get someone else to work it for me again!


Cheryl - January 29

Where did you click to find the page. I found the main web page but I can't find where to go within it to get is to predict the baby's birthweight


Z.nina - January 30

hi, i found out this message : We apologize for your inconvenience. In the meantime, please try our Diseases and Condition Centers listed below,


Emy - January 30

Cool! It says that right now, at 37 weeks, my baby is 6.2 lbs....If she bakes at least another week (I am hoping she will come a little early), it will put her to where I was when I was born - around 6.8 or so....


shelly - January 30

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, why can't some of us get this??


Emy - January 30

shelly, I prob. would have made mistakes but I had my dh do it, and he is a scientist and is way better at math than I am. Also, be sure you are converting everything to cm and kg like they tell you to do in the instructions underneath the equation.


bean - January 30

If you can't find the page, be sure you're taking the hyphens out of the link when you type it in. For those having trouble with the math, make sure you divide at the end by 453 (or whatever it is). It all depends on the gestational age, I think. If I put in today (28 weeks) I have a 5 pound baby, but if I put in full term I get an 8 pound. The funny thing is, I think at 28 weeks they're only about 2 pounds...


jb - January 30

Okay, I am horrible at math. It said i am having a 1 pound baby. Dont think thats right at all. :o( I might have my husband try it later, he is really good at math.



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