Cord Around Baby S Neck At 33wks

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oncemore - April 22

Help... anyone have any reassuring words or know if this is a concern for the rest of my pregnancy? I am having non-stress tests done starting today and every week. I am 33 weeks pregnant. My stress test went very well. Baby''s resting h/r is 140 and I have 13.9 on my amniotic fluid... baby is moving fine... seems great. But the cord is around his neck really good. The nurse told me she couldnt comment much, as she is just a nurse, but that "it's disturbing to see this"... What does that mean??? My baby's head is down and has been for a few feeks now. Last week and the week before he had a clump of cord infront of his face (I know this because we tried to get a 3D ultrasound done for fun, and on THREE different attmpets could not get any good pictures of his face in 3D because of this huge mass of cord just hanging out in front of his face... and NOW the cord is around his neck. I know that there are stats out there saying 1/3 of all babies born are born with the cord around their neck... so that is comforting to know that this could mean nothing... BUT I still have 6 more weeks to go and he has a lot of growing to do... will this infringe on his oxygen getting to his will the cord continue to get tighter and cause issues or death? Ugh! Any insight would be appreciated... I am nervous. I lost my last child (boy as well) at almost 15 weeks and there was NO indication as to what went wrong (lots of tests done and he was perfect)... so I am a bit more nervous on this pregnancy (my last one). Thank you!!!!~Lori~ ?


Krissy25 - April 22

Hey Oncemore, I'm one of those people who's baby had the cord wrapped around the neck, although i don't know what week it happened, but from about 29 weeks on she was for sure head up and i think it was the cord wrapped around her neck that kept her from being able to turn around, but she was born perfectly healthy via c-section. When do you see your doctor again? The 2 of you will have to talk about what the risks are and whether your son will need to be born early. I know it seems scarry but it will probably be ok, at least everyone is aware of the problem. Good luck to you and your son.


kay101 - April 22

25% of babies are born with the cord around their neck one or more times. Most people hear the cord was around the neck and freak out thinking their baby could strangle. The thing we forget is they don't actually breathe inside the womb. They get their oxygen through the cord. The only way it could cause a problem is if the umbilical cord became so compressed that it completely cut off the cord blood flow.


oncemore - April 22

Thank you for your comments. Krissy, so glad that your dd made it ok! Kay101- I am not afraid about the breathing thing... I know that the cord supplies the oxygenated blood to the baby... I am worried about cutting off that supply to my baby's brain... that would be a problem. Thank you for your comment. I do know that two of my children were born with the cord around their next at the time of birth... but not sure if it was that way for a while or not. One of my children that had the cord wrapped (my first) had to come early due to not enough fluid and I was induced at 38 wks... he wasn't reactive in his stress test the day they induced me and they could barely measure 5 for the amniotic fluid... had to have oxygen given to me throughout my labor. But he was ok when he got out. Krissy- I see my dr. next Wed... the day after my next non-stress test... so I am trying to just watch for movements and not stress. Then I will go over the info with him. I do think that it's worse when they have the cord around their next and they are also breech... but not sure if that matters... I plan on asking. Thanks so much.


ErinP - April 23

Both my babies were born with the cord wrapped around their necks. In both cases, it seemed only to be a problem when I was having a contraction, so I don't think you need to be worried about it until you're in labour. At that point they'll monitor the baby closely. With my first they ended up using the vacuum to get him out, and with my 2nd I needed oxygen but I only pushed for 10 minutes so they didn't need the vacuum, but they warned me they would need to get him out quickly. His heart rate was dropping all the way to 65 bpm with almost every contraction, but he was still born perfectly healthy.


tryin44 - April 23

My now six month old dd had the cord wrapped around her neck. We don't know for how long but when she was coming out she got stuck right behind her ears and wouldn't come out further. She wa sblue and the doctore felt up in there. THey had to clamp her cord in two places and cut between in order to get her out. She was fine though. Good Luck!!!


oncemore - April 24

Thankyou Erin and Tryin!!! I have been hearing alot of either ... the baby comes out fine, or that there are just minor issues and that the dr. can watch and take care of things. I am lucky that we found out about it before, just so that we can be prepared if need be. Thank you! Glad that all turned out ok for all of your babies!!!!!


Faye84 - April 28

I can see why you are so scared. I would be too. I would really talk to your doctor and see what they say about it since they see stuff like that all the time. But to help make you feel better when I was born the cord was wrapped around my neck three times, they told my mom to stop pushing and thats when they quickly unwrapped it.



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