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Elle - February 1

Hi All, I know there is a complete and separate forum for this but it doesn't seem to get much action, so I am posting my question here. Do any of you plan to bank your baby's cord blood? How did you decide to do, or not to do, so? Every time I turn around I am being barraged by info on this. I feel like I am being emotionally blackmailed, especially since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can't help feeling like if I DON'T do it, I will have major regrets and one of my loved ones will end up needing it sometime down the road. My doctor wouldn't say either way. Any thoughts? What do you all plan to do? Thanks!


L - February 1

Good question. I've looked into this and I'm interested to hear everyone's opinions. My dr wouldn't comment either. He said it was a personal decision. I never know how to interpret that answer.


Becky - February 1

I think I saw somewhere that only a limited number of hospitals in the country do it, so I chalked it up to a lot of hype. If yours doesn't do it, then you don't have much of a choice. I have also read that unless you have a family history of a disease that is benefitting from this area of research, it isn't worth it, because the chances are so slim that you'll ever need it. We are not doing it because of that AND the fact that you have to pay for the storage of it, which is quite pricey for an "insurance policy" that you will probably never use. If anyone has more info on where this is even available, I would be interested to hear it.


Marlene - February 1

They have special banks where you bank the cord blood. I would love to do it but being a single mom I cant afford it. If you are going to do it then you have to let them know before you are due so they can send someone out to get the cord blood. I will tell you that it is a lot of money but i believe it is worth it. Just go to a search engine and type in cord blood you can get more info there.


mel - February 1

I don't plan on it.


Kiddolebel - February 1

Nope me neither


Kiddolebel - February 1

I also didnt do it with my first. We considered it but its too pricey and unless you have family that have lots of problems with genetics then...I dont know...its up to you. Good luck with the decision.


JennyC - February 1

we're not doing it for the same reasons already stated - no history of any genetics problems in the family and its an awful lot of money when chances are good that you'll never need it.


bean - February 1

This is just my personal opinion - but ... Don't be guilt-tripped into this marketing scheme. All they do is tie off the cord and freeze it. You have to pay for not only the procedure (several hundred dollars up front) but then a monthly fee for storage, which adds up to several hundred dollars a year! All cord blood is is blood rich in all sorts of good stuff - which you will be denying your newborn if you choose to bank it because in order to bank they have to clamp off the cord immediately after birth. With the rate that technology and bio-medicine is advancing these days, I don't think it's worth the cost of banking for, let's say, 30 or 40 years, just for the CHANCE that someday your child (or relative) might need it. In 10 years there will be new technology - and cord blood will be such a thing of the past.... again just my opinion.


al - February 1

we are donating our baby's cord blood. if we need it and it is still available..then we can use it


Elle - February 1

Thank you all for the great responses! I'm still undecided but definitely feeling like it's a lot of hype and a marketing/money making scheme like a couple of you mentioned. The donating is a great idea too! Any other opinions? Thanks again!


April - February 1

does anyone know how much it costs, I have heard it is expensive but haven't heard just how expensive.


Elle - February 1

**bean, just a quick question for you on your response, "in order to bank they have to clamp off the cord immediately after birth." Hope my confused pregnancy brain doesn't sound ignorant or naieve, but how is the clamping of the cord immediately after birth different than if we weren't banking the cord blood? Isn't that what happens anyway? Know what I mean? Thanks!


Elle - February 1

April, I have info from a few different banks, but it is very expensive. The initial, up front costs seem to be around $2,000 (but you can make payments) and then the annual storage fee is $125 per year. This info is from the Cord Blood Registry marketing slick, complete with the picture of the dark haired baby inspecting its belly b___ton. Tug at our heart strings much? Geez.


bump - February 3

Bump for Karen & her new thread.


karen - February 3

Elle, I just asked this same question on a different thread because somehow I missed yours! I think what bean meant about clamping the cord is that some doctors wait until it quits pulsating and the blood goes to the baby, while some clamp it right away and cut off that bloodflow. I really don't know the advantges/disadvantages of either. My doctor told me that donating was not an option, so either we had to pay for the banking or not do anything. I thought bringing a baby into the world was going to be hard enough, and all these tough decisions are not making it any easier!


bean - February 3

Elle - in response to your question... this is just what I read, I am by no means an expert (so anyone please correct me if I'm misinformed), but... when the baby is born, the cord continues to pulsate and push blood and nutrients to the baby. This blood is very rich in all sorts of good stuff. Usually the baby will be placed on mom's tummy and the dct will wait for the cord to stop pulsating before clamping and cutting, making sure the baby gets all that good stuff. If you're donating, or banking that cord blood, the instand the baby comes out they clamp off the cord on both ends to capture the blood. So the baby is deprived of the cord blood in its first few seconds of life, however, the pro is that you have it banked for later. That's all I know as the major difference. Hope it helps!



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