Could Do With Some Advice Please Ladies

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cutie_wutie - January 1

Hello Ladies Im 35weeks preg on thursday due to have c section on 31st jan.... This is my fourth pregnancy and ive had 3natural births but with very complicated outcomes... so ive been told i have to have this planned c section... With my other pregnancies my 1st i went 8days over my 2nd on the due date and 3rd 10dys over... with this pregnancy im having dull back ache and braxton hicks alot.. ive got severe headaces and my baby has dropped very low and causing alot of pelvic discomfort im really concerned about going into labour early and what will be the outcome if i did with been told i need a c section... and has anyone with susbsquent pregnancies gone into labour earlier with a fourth pregnancy and not with others?


Kira_lynn - January 1

My mom had 3 of us. Lots of complications with me and my sis. Then my bro was a scheduled csection and she went into labour 2 weeks before her csection. They didnt let her progress tho, and just took her in and did the section. Sometimes if everything looks fine they let you do it naturally, but with 3 other pregnancies that werent too promising i think they'd just put you right into an operating room.


cutie_wutie - January 1

Thank you hun xxx I'm worried death... I had 2 awful births my 2nd birth wasnt too bad the thought of a c section scares me but also the thought of going in labour before 31st jan c section date as i dont want go through what i have with 2 previous births i have very quick births too...


sarah21 - January 1

They actually recommend that you go into labor before you get your C-section so if you go into labor, they might have to bump up the date of your c-section but it would actually benefit the baby to have that little bit of time in labor.


3babies - January 1

I started to go into labour with my second the morning of my scheduled c section, they just went ahead with the planned section (glad they did as his head was on the 97th percentile!) With my third though, I was really scared I would go early but it didnt happen. I must say with the second he was really low, I had lots of pelvic pressure and period type pain. I had lots of bh contractions with all of them, so didnt know any different. Good luck ... as for the c/s I have recovered really well with each one, any they have all been good experiences. Best of luck for you too!



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