Could Labor Be Around The Corner

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waitngformyangel - November 1

today i am 36w1d. so im pretty sure bella has dropped as i have felt alot of pressure down there lately. sometime it feels like an arm is going to pop out or[[but i know that cant happen]]and it kinda hurts a am so ready for her to come out. lol. (: i heard that another sign of labor coming soon is ''nesting''. the other day i was home alone at my cousins house. and i hate cleaning.. really i dont even know how to clean that well. but i wanted to take a shower then a relax in a bath. but before that...i just had to clean.. so i folded blankets picked up a little and i literally scrubbed her tub. which she was thankful about cause she just had a boy so its kinda hard for her to get things sometime when i sit down, it feels like im leaking a little just like little i rush to the rr and i cant really tell if anythings its uncomfortable for me to sit with my legs crossed..idk if thats a sign too. ifeel ridiculous when i walk though cause i feel like a penguin walking with its egg in between its are any of these sings that labor is getting closer. also i had a few bh contractions here and there during the day but i dont really notice them unles im like actually trying to pay attention for them. sorry if this was long.. im also kinda bored. any replys would be great. thanks and god bless. :D


DDT - November 1

What you mentioned all sound pretty normal for your stage in the pregnancy....Increase in cervical pressure, nesting, leaking drops of cervical mucus because baby is putting extra pressure on your cervix, and difficulty walking because of the pressure. Your lo sounds like she has lo also dropped at 35-36wks and I ended up having him at 39w6d. There is no way to tell when you will have your baby or even if you are close to labour. You could go tomorrow, in 2 wks or in another month. GL.


jenna32 - November 1

it sounds like your baby dropped! i also have felt like a penguin the last couple weeks now,lol. i'm almost 37 weeks but not dilated yet :( are you ? it's hard for me to have the "nesting instinct" because of the whole feeling like something between my legs, all i want to do is not walk, i'm sure i look ridiculous and sound like i have elephant footsteps,lol.


waitngformyangel - November 1

haha at one point im sure we all feel like we look and im not sure if im dialated or not. i have an appt on tuesday so i guess ill find out then. :D


josie4 - November 1

I'm 9 days from my due date. I've been nesting for weeks now, lost a bit of my MP at 35 weeks, and I've been about a cm since 35 weeks. No baby yet. :) (My baby finally dropped during the last week too. Uncomfortable to say the least.) DDT is right, there's no way to tell when your baby will come. I thought that I'd have my in my 37th week, but I was wrong.


jenna32 - November 2

good luck.i think another sign is that some people feel like their periods coming, at least i have started to this week! i know it could still be weeks away probably but it's still gotta be a sign of being closer.


waitngformyangel - November 2

thanks everyone for your trying to hold in there.. just ready to hold my little girl. im pretty much just bored with nothing to do. i just sit on the computer all day or just watch tv. :/ hope soemthing happens soon :D ill keep yall updated. :D thanks and god bless.



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