Could My Due Date Be A Month Off

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waiting100 - October 4

Please help me as I am freaking out here. I am almost 36 weeks preg with #2. I know for a fact that I had s_x on January 14th which would make the baby due on Oct 8th. I had a period after that (almost positive I did) on January 28th. I had s_x on February 14th which would make my baby due on November 4th. So, all thru the pregnancy my due date has been November 4th. But! I feel like I am going to go into labor at any second - losing mucous plug, dropped, flu symptoms and I just feel like labor is coming - but that makes me think I got pregnant on January 14th?? Does this make sense? Someone please help ease my mind! I have a dr. aptt today and I am really hoping they check me but they might not!


January - October 4

they would have been able to see if they were a month off by your ultrasounds.


chickiepoo9 - October 4

yes i am sure by now there would have been signs if you were a month off height of fundas and as january said in your ultrasounds they would surely have noticed i would think.


HeavenisMine - October 4

You can still go into labor at 36 weeks, because like the others said, they would have found that by now, and if they haven't, phew! Anyway, keep an eye on your symptoms, it could still be at least a few weeks. But I am sure you know that :)


musicbaby - October 5

Unlikely that you would have got this far and no one would have noticed. 36 weeks is a bit early but not by heaps... if it happens soon things will still be alright! Hopefully you will hang in there for another week or two! GL hope that it all works out.


lil-miss-saunders - October 5

are flu type symptoms signs of going into labour?


BriannasMummy - October 5

I have to agree with the other girls. They would have found that you were a month different either by fundal height, or u/s by now. Try not to worry, the symptoms that you speak of doesnt necessarily mean that labour is on its way. I lost my mucous plug at 34 weeks and I didnt have my dd until 42 weeks, she also dropped at about 36 weeks.. and I had the flue for the last month I was pregnant it seemed, this happens with A LOT of ladies.. labour isnt a perfect science as far as symptoms go. I hope youre alright, and things work out well for you. ~Kristin~



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