Could This Be Early Labor Or Still A Little Early

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waitngformyangel - November 8

okay today i am 37w1d. i believe i lost a bit of my mucus plug apprx 3 weeks ago.. i guess to describe it it looked like i blew my today i have been feeling some pinching feeling at first it was at the top.. VERY light but it lasted for about 2-21/2 hrs straight... then it moved down to under my belly i guess my uterus.. thats been going on for about 2 hrs now too... at first it was just constant... but now it eased a little and it comes and goes... i can only describe it as a pinching feeling..i really dont know how to describe it..this is my first pg. and so i really dont know what to expect...or how to feel. lol i texted mommy and told her what i was feeling and she said yah those are contractions.. but i was just wondering.. should i like go to l&d or should i just wait it out?? i mean i really dont want to worry mom or go to hospital and just get sent back home i really want me little girl now. thanks and any advice would be very greatful. god bless.


waitngformyangel - November 8

oh yah ..also ive been ''nesting'' like CRAZY for about the past two which is wierd cause i hate cleaning...i mean how 17 yr olds wantt o get up and clean??lol.


emfine99 - November 8

I've been experiencing the same feelings for a while... I would wait. They said there was nothing they could do for me unless my contractions were closer together. I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow, lost some mucus plug a few weeks ago, it looked like snot.... and I've been having horrible period like cramps and then tightening... They are contractions, but I think they need to be closer together.... Just keep an eye on the clock!


DaBonkElsMe - November 9

You need to time your contractions. True contractions start off light, get stronger, then taper off again. The time from the beginning of one to the beginning of the next should be closer than 7 minutes for L&D to admit you. Even then, they'll want to check for dialtion first, and they could still send you home if you are not more than 4 cm. So when you start to feel a contraction, chech the time. Then wait for another one to start and check the time again. If they are 7 minutes or closer, call your doctor first and ask if you should go into the hospital. If your contractions are not regular like that, then you are probably not in true labor yet. But it does sound like you are getting close! Also, my Doctor told me that if i could walk or talk through the contractions, meaning they are not so painful that they stop me in my tracks, then they are probably not strong enough to get me dialated. Good luck to you.



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