Crack Cocaine

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b4u2love - October 27

I found out that my daughter was pregant when she was 6 weeks pregant. Shortly after that I found out that she was using crack cocaine. I had her put in a detox center with rehab. She is now 34 weeks pregant, and just found out that she smoked crack again this weekend. She claims it was the first time since her use back in May when I had her put in detox...not sure if that is true as I notice some leg shaking and irrations in her mood now for about 3 weeks. I am very concern about my first grand. Do you think this behavior has been bad on him, and do you think he will show signs of withdrawal when he is born since she just smoked some this weekend? Any advice? I know there are no law to protect the unborn, but I know if he is born and show signs of addition, they will not let her take the baby, so I will take temporary custoy of him out of the hospital...any advice would be appreciated.


jessb - October 27

Hello, I work in child protection in Florida. You are very right, if the baby is showing any signs of withdrawl or she or the baby test positive at birth, she will most likely not be able to take the baby. That being said, you never can tell. Some go through withdrawls and some do not. I really hope not for your grand babies sake, it is a horrible thing to go through. If the baby is it will probably stay in the NICU until the symptoms pa__s. Sometimes they have to give them phenobarbital, which is a drug to help the babies wean off of the crack. The infant will most likely be very fussy and not a good eater if it is withdrawing. You may have to go through special training at the NICU to take the baby home. Im sorry for you, your daughter, and the grandbaby. I have a sister with drug problems. I know it is a horrible thing for a family to go through. I am sending good thoughts for the baby, I hope it is healthy.


Tonigirl - October 27

Hi, I also want to say how sorry I am for your situation. What Jessb said is true...they should test your daughter and the baby, especially if they know she is an addict and if she or baby tests positive they will keep the baby and do just as Jessb said. I will tell you that a friend of mine used to foster crack babies and it was very difficult at first when she'd get a new baby, but it didn't last too long. At first the babies were fussy and didn't really want to be touched, she said it was like their precious little skin would crawl at human touch, but after much patience and love that eventually went away. With that being said, my cousin did crack and many, many other drugs while pregnant with ALL of her children and none were born addicted. All tested positive, but none were born with any signs of hopefully that will be the case with your grandchild. May God's hand be upon you and your little grandchild during this tough time and may your daughter see the error of the life she's leading. Take care.



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