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ana - December 30

I dont know if anyone has every heard of this but i swear i hear like a crack noise or a popping sound from my stomach, it sounds like maybe the babys bone cracked or something, i am 38 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. Has this happend to anyone or is it all in my head?


TRACI - December 30

It could be your hips getting ready for you to have the baby. But you should make sure nothing is wrong and check with the dr.


demonica - December 31

i have this too, at 38 week, it came from outta nowhere..i have heard it as many as 5 times, in one night.dr, and dh told me not to worry, it was the baby's joints popping...they dont have much room in there must be cramped.


belgian - January 2

YES!! Me too!! I get this often as well...I first thought it was my bones but I wasnt even i thought it was the baby pushing into my bones or something..but I NEVER felt any pressure on any bones of i finally have come to the conclusion that it HAS to be the baby..i never asked my doc but I am SURE that it has to be his little bones in there..could just be the tight position and stretching and when you crack your glad i found someone mention this because I tried countless hours to find info about it on the internet and found nothing..but i think its not a bad sign of anything :o) ... baby is fine..x


belgian - January 12

So like no one else hears this when their baby moves around sometimes?As a matter of fact I heard this "snap" noise yesterday wwhen I was in bed reading... I know I am not hearing things lol.......anyone else?


shannon - January 21

I also have been hearing the cracking sound and I am only 33 1/2 weeks and this is my third child. I have never heard it with my other 2 children, but I called the dr. and they said unless I was leaking fluid or it is causing pain that everything was fine, but they did not say anything about the babys bones. I am so glad that other people are hearing it too and that I found this web site because it is in no other information that I have pulled up.


Amy - January 24

Thank goodness, I'm not crazy!! I knew I was hearing a snapping sound every now and then, but I couldn't figure out why. And when I told my husband he just looked at me funny. I'm glad to know what it is now and I'm not alone.


Kristina - February 2

I know exactly what u mean. Im preg with my 4th child and have heard it every pregnancy towards the end. im now 31.4 weeks and have been hearing it for a good 2 weeks now its really weird lol im not usedto it this early everytime i hear it i wait for a goosh thinking could it be my water (knowing it isnt) lol it sounds like hte babys popping her knuckles or snapping the amnio sac against uterus like a bra strap can be creeepy n mostly when baby is moving


Rissa - February 7

OMG! I thought I must be hearing things. I have also heard the weird occasional *POP* when the baby moves or stretches. It's a MAJOR relief to hear that someone else is experiencing this, too.


Alaina - May 5

I am only 28 weeks but I have been hearing it a lot lately too. I was kind of worried. At least I know I am not the only one.


rachel - July 13

yes i have this too, ive had it since i was about 30 weeks pregnant. apparently all it is is your waters and as the baby moves..if this noise was on the outside it would sound more like a swishing noise then a crack.its nothing to worry about.


belgian - July 13

hey ladies... well here I am...had my baby...was a boy..hehe..and hes 5 months now! It goes quick!!! anyway, yea, that cracking sound was the sound of the baby's joints indeed...its so weird..but i heard it when he was born until now..but not often ...very rare...but its his bones...and its NOTHING to worry about....yea...its is quite tight in there for the little one..or ones... ;-)


Jalnena - November 1

ThankGOD! i thought i was going crazy myself i was going to ask midwife this week i'm 33weeks pregnants and have heard that same sound i kept asking my boyfriend he just didn't understand it worried me enough to spend all this time searching for it on the net thankyou soooooooooo much! i can't wait till i tell him he won't think i'm crazy any more



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