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Nurs2b21 - November 18

I am exactly 38 weeks today and I have been having some menstrual like cramping on and off and was wondering what this is. I've cramped a little for about 2 weeks but I seem to be cramping more and more the past 2 days....more intense. My doctor keeps telling me I should be having BH but I still to this day haven't noticed any contractions....just cramps. My doc acts like I should be having contractions every now and then and it bothers me that I don't. Has anyone else been this way? Is this cramping a sign of dilation...labor soon...?? I'm having a pretty intense one cramp now....ugh


emfine99 - November 18

I'm 39 w and have been having these for about 3 weeks or so. The dr told me that they are contractions, not braxton hicks. Mine have been getting more intense over the weeks. I think they eventually turn worse from what I hear!


emfine99 - November 18

Oh and I'm not sure if cramping is a sign of dialation.... I have been 50% effaced for a couple of weeks but not dialated yet.


Nurs2b21 - November 18

I wish I knew if I was even dilated or effaced. My doctor doesn't check at all until 40 to 41 weeks...thats if u havent already gone into labor. I had really bad cramps last night. I hope this is a sign of labor soon. I'm ready to get this over with!


AngelinLuv - November 18

At my last appointment (38 wks) my doctor asked me if I was having any cramping. I told her yes since I had and she said that's a good sign. She didn't say if it was a sign of dilation, but every since I've had these cramps I've been making a little progress every week. I'm now up to 2cm and 50% effaced.


January - November 18

Just had my baby girl 11 days ago and with her and my DS 11yrs ago.. the cramps were all I got.. excruciating cramps.. but cramps none the less... and the pain was in the tops of my legs.. not my stomach, therefore they weren't registering on the monitor and the drs were telling me that I wasn't in labor because of the lack of monitored contractions and the fact that I was 1cm.. well, I went from 1 to 10 in about 15min and in one push she was out. Labor never feels like we would expect it to.. keep an eye on the cramping.


DaBonkElsMe - November 18

I am exactly 37 weeks tomorrow, andI have been having what you are describing all morning. I feel crampy around my back and very low in my abdomin. It comes and goes, but not regularly - like contractions. I don't think anyway. I haven't really been checking the clock or anything. But ya know how they say contractions last about a minute to a minute and a half? Well these cramps seem to last longer than that, then go away for a while then come back. The first one this morning I could feel my uterus contract, but now I don't feel that at all, just cramps. IT all makes me wonder if I'll be aware of labor when it actually starts. I thinkit's just too early for me now though. Hope it's helping all of us progress towards the big event!! Good luck!


DaBonkElsMe - November 18

PS my doctor doesn't do internals until 38 weeks, and even then only if I have been contracting and having other signs. I kinda like that though, if he told me I am not progressing, I'd be disappointed and if I am dialated and effaced, it would only get my hopes up and make me anxious, so I think I'd rather they didn't check until the end!!


Nurs2b21 - November 18

thanks for all your responses ladies....I hope that I will be able to tell when I'm in labor. I hope my water breaks or something so I'll know know! I feel like if I'm just cramping like this I'll think its just false and not time yet.


margie - November 19

i just turned 35 weeks and although its earlier than you ladies experiencing this, i started having horrible cramps this weekend, like i had to lay down and couldn't move kind of pain, i thought i was even going into labor or something! but it wasn't regular timing so i guess its just my body getting ready it sounds like, and this morning i started having very mucousy discharge, more than usual, but not like my mucous plug..wondering if im effacing/dialating maybe?... according to my dates (theres only ONE day possible i could have concieved) going by my conception date, LMP, my due date is Dec 16th...we'll see how accurate ultrasound dating is I guess if I am starting to go sooner ;-)


sunflowergoddess - November 21

I'm 33 weeks and have been having these exact same symptoms... To the point where i need to lie down on my side because they're so umcomfortable. Also feel like strong menstrual cramps, and i feel like i'm goign to have diahreah, but then i never go... Ugh... Hope it subsides again soon.


KRISTINA - November 21

With my first I never had Braxton Hicks and I never had cramps...But I had terrible contractions. Contractions start of not very painful and I suppose they may feel like cramps, I dont really remeber. But when they get painful they dont feel anything like cramps. They feel like your bones are being pushed apart or something. Sorry, dont mean to scare anyone and not everyone gets really painful contractions because their labor comes fast. Contractions do help you dialate, I dont think cramps do.



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