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Kristen - January 6

Hello all! I am 28 weeks pregnant and feel like I am having labor pains! It is very uncomfortable, and painful. This is my first pregnancy, so I just want to make sure this is normal. The pains feel almost like period cramps. They will come and go, and I don't have any bleeding or discharge. Is this something that is suppose to be happeneing? I am just concerned this is labor. I am not far enough along for that, so I am concerned! Anybody else have this too?


Christine - January 6

Sounds like maybe Braxton Hicks contractions...completely normal...make sure they dont come on a regular basis..if they do call your doctor...good luck


Fay - January 6

I have been feeling the period cramps also, I am 28 weeks too. Doc said that the abdomen muscles are ripping which cause the pain. Think about as when a guy works out and he is sore because his muscles are ripping, its the same concept. Sounds great huh...


belgian - January 7

Yep..its definitley Braxtons Hicks contractions...mild..but nothing to worry about as someone mentioned its normal around your time....if it DOES get severe or doesnt go away after a certain amount of time then call your doctor ..especially if theres blood show! A lot of ache and soreness happens the closer you get to the due date!


Katie - January 8

I have had menstrual like cramps almost my entire pregnancy ( I am 37 weeks) I kept telling my doctor about them and at one point (26 weeks) she did an ultrasoud to check my cervix, but it was closed. I have been checked twice recently and even though I have constant daily period like cramps I am not dilated or anything, so for me this feeling is obviously not labor.


v - January 11

if you have done streinuous activity lately that could be it also i had the same thing at 29 (im 32 now) but it was cause ligaments were stretching i would check with the dr if i were you especially if the pain gets too unbearable!!!



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