Crampy Poopy Feeling

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sarah - November 10

hi, im going to be 36 weeks this saturday, but this entire past week ive not been feeling good. my stomach constantly aches, and i get that crampy/poopy feeling. in fact, im pooping alot more too. should i be concerned about labor yet? or is this totally normal, and my body is just prepping. thanks girls.


mom to be - November 10

Hi Sarah, i am 34 weeks now and i have been feeling the same thing along with constant pressure in my b___t, feels like i am goin to break apart anytime. not sure what this all means but i wanted to let u know u arent the only one goin through this :) take care


Ca__sie - November 10

Sarah, I'll be 36 weeks this Saturday as well. I've been having the same feelings (though today is better) with the crampy/poopy feeling. Those words describe it completely! hehe... You're not alone. I don't know what it means, but I've been drinking more water today and it has helped some.


Jennifer - November 10

Hey Sarah, I've just started to feel this way too maybe two or three days ago. I wonder if it is due to all the pressure being put on our intestines and rectum? That's my theory.


Jodie - November 10

Hi ladies..i am 38 weeks and I had that same pressure about 36 weeks. Do you guys work or stand on your feet all day? I stopped working and all that yucky pain went away. Woo hoo for maternity leave. Good luck!! Take it easy!!!!!


Lindsay - November 10

I just started getting that feeling today and i also feel very bad at night. i get horrible rib and back pain. i also have reg. bowel movements now but for some reason i've had that clogged up need to poop feeling. i guess it makes me feel a little better to know i'm not the only one. i will def. try more water...maybe its because i've been drinking so much fruit juice :(


dew - November 10

I'm 33 wks today and all I have to say is be glad you can poop (lol)! I also feel presure on my tailbone, and my belly. When I walk my pubic bone cracks and I swear my baby will come out. I even had a dream that he came out! I just keep telling myself that women have been doing this for centuries. It helps a little. All the women in my family tell me not to worry, that there will be many strange things happening to my body over the next few weeks. They say that when labor hits me, I'll know it. They say it will be like nothing I've ever felt in my life. All that does is scare me to death. Anyway, I'm sure we are all experiencing strange things, at least I'm not the only one! Good luck girls.



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