Crap Tested For GBS

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LW - May 8

Hey All! I just foubd out that I tested positive for Group B Strep. I know it's "no big deal" but... with only 10 days to go, I'm not necessarily a fan of this! Has anyone else tested +? Anyone had this before? How the h__l did I get this? :-) Any info of what to expect etc etc would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


ash2 - May 8

hey lw.... it is totally normal and with more than 80 percent of women testing positive than there is nothing to be embarra__sed about. it is an infection that comes and goes throughout a womens v____al secretion and is more evident when pregnant. wile in labor, the nurses run a. iv in your vein and an antibiotic runs through it, not for you, but for the baby so he/ she doesnt contract it. it needs to run for about 4 hrs. before the baby is out of the v____al ca___l. the worst side affect is that you will have a bad taste in your mouth, so just chew some gum, and your arm will be a little sore afterwards for a few days from the medicine.


Chrissy - May 8

How long does it take after the group B test to get the results?? Anyone know what antibiotics they give you? Just wondering because I 'm allergic to alot of antibiotics and wonder what they could possibly give me if I'm positive. So many of them make me sooo sick!


dee23 - May 8

so if they have to run the drip for 4 hours before u give birth......what if they think it will take u 4 hours and u give birth all of a sudden like 10 minutes later......they cant just a__sume the right time to give u the drip can they?


Nita_ - May 9

I got tested +ve for group B strep as well. But this was found during one of the blood tests early on, so they aren't really testing again now (I'm 33 weeks now). My midwife was also very casual about it and said not to worry much. They would be giving pencillin during labor via IV. But what I'm worried about now is how the heck do I know I'm in labor since sometimes the water doesn't break I learnt.


Nerdy Girl - May 9

I am GBS + too. I ended up having an unplanned c-section for my 1st baby, and since my water never broke, I did not need antibiotics at all. I had a planned c-section for my 2nd baby but my water broke about a week before my scheduled c. They gave me IV antibiotics once I arrived at the hospital. Like everyone says, it's really not a big deal. The only negative thing that happened to me was that my baby and I got thrush (like a yeast infection of the baby's mouth and your nipples when you b___stfeed) as a result of the antibiotics we got at birth.


Nita_ - May 10

Does everyone who gets the antibiotics get 'thrush'? It doesn't sound pleasant..what are the signs/symptoms for the same?


luvmyboys - May 10

Dee23, if it so happens that your labor is faster than 4 hours and you can't get the antibiotics in time, then they just monitor your baby more closely and if it develops a fever or other sign of infection, then they just treat the baby with antibiotics. Even if you are positive and don't get the antibiotics your baby only has a 0.5% chance of actually contracting GBS and getting sick. I decided to play the odds at my last birth. I didn't want an IV or a yeast infection so I refused the antibiotics and my baby was fine.


Nerdy Girl - May 11

No, you are not guaranteed to get thrush, but it's a risk. And yes, thrush really sucks but it is not a permanent situation. Personally, I think thrush is a tiny risk compared to the major stuff that can happen if the baby is exposed to the strep during birth. My friend's son is a teenager, born before they started routinely testing pregnant women for GBS. My friend is GBS + and her son is now deaf in one ear and has some learning disabilities due to GBS infection he got at birth.


Nerdy Girl - May 11

And like luvmyboys proves, refusing the antiobiotics does not mean your kid will for sure have problems from a GBS exposure. However, the problems that can possibly arise in the newborn from a GBS infection are severe and lifelong. Therefore, although a yeast infection or thrush is an annoyance, both are temporary situations. In contrast, a deaf or brain-damaged child is a permanent situation. Everyone makes their own personal choices though about this type of stuff. It's probably as controversial of a topic as VBAC, you know?



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