Craved Anything Other Than Food

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kirstie040 - February 27

quick question when it comes to craving, has anyone craved any thing other than food? i know that sounds silly but like a smell or a texture or anything like that


mahagen - February 27

I craved the popping of " Pop Rocks " It really wasn't the flavor I wanted it was the popping and same with pop when it fizzes in your mouth. I never thought anything of it at all.


kirstie040 - February 27

well i love the sensation of chewing on ice, it just is brilliant i love it sooo much lol


mahagen - February 27

Oh I love crushed ice too because something about when my teeth bite the ice it feels good.


kirstie040 - February 27

glad i aint the only one who likes it lol


jamiehslp - February 27

If you crave non-food substances you are experiencing PICA, you can find more info about it on americanpregnancy dot org. This can be harmful for you and your baby if you are craving such items as dirt, clay, cornstarch, etc. I would definitely talk to your doctor (I know those cravings sound weird but it does happen). If it is like ice and pop rocks then I would say enjoy they are both fun and yummy.


Amyell428 - February 27

If you are craving ice that might mean you are anemic. I crave ice all the time and I am anemic and have to take iron pills now. Have you had your iron tested? They found out I was anemic when I had my glucose test run. I am sure you will be fine.


BriannasMummy - February 27

Be very careful ladies.. a lot of the time when you crave things other then food it can be dangerous and an indication of something wrong with your body. Its called PICA. Crushed ice, clay, dirt, even a texture can be a sign that iron levels are very very very low, and you need medical attention, please make sure you talk to your doctor about it. Sometimes if you give into your cravings it can cause harm to your body. ~Kristin~


coco797 - February 28

like kirstie and mahagen, i LOVED ice in my last trimester. I also liked the smell of Dove soap. My grandma used it on me as a little kid, and mom started using again when I was pregnant. I loved the smell so much that sometimes I had the urge to eat it. Of course I never did....


lisa mc - February 29

i love the smell of strong things like paint, petrol ect!!! not to the point that i am going out my way and buying a tin of paint or filling up my car at every petrol station!! but i do love the smell when i come across it!!



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