Craving Beer

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AML - May 8

Is it ok to Drink O'Douls? I know its non-alcoholic but I thought it had a tiny tiny amount in it? I am craving the taste of beer! :-x


tlew - May 8

AML I dont think that one O'Douls will hurt. When I got married my dr. said that it was ok for me to have a cla__s of champagne. As long as you don't go overboard you should be ok.


AML - May 8

I'm still scared! lol...I'm going to ask the Dr. Wednesday! I am just craving the tatse soo bad!


tlew - May 8

How long till your due date? Maybe you can just wait it out till little one arrives.


Chrissy - May 8

I bet it's fine. There's probably barely any alcohol in it, and I know a lot of people have a drink now and then. I know what you mean, I could really go for a margarita! But that I KNOW has too much alchohol in it, so I guess I will just wait and reward myself for a job well done when it's all over with. Its so funny to think that one drink will probably knock me over after all this time with nothing! :)


livdea - May 8

I drank a beer last weekend. It was my first in months and dammit it tasted GOOD! My dr says one a month is okay on a full stomach. So I had one.


mayaB - May 9

I belong to the old school of thinking that alcohol in moderation wont hurt anything. Infact there are people that advise pregnant women and nursing mothers to regularly drink beer!! During my pregnancy I havent stopped drinking. I drink a couple of gla__ses a week. ( when I used to drink daily) Perhaps a cultural thing too. I'm from Italy.


AppleCake - May 9

!!! That's a little harsh HannahBaby! I am in U.K and last time I was pregnant 5 years ago, I wasn't told to stop drinking. I very seldom drink anyway, but I remember having a couple of beers. My babies were fine, and they still are. The recommended limit here is the equivalent to 1or 2 gla__ses of wine a week. I have a different midwife this time, she asked me if I drank, I said rarely, and she said her advice was if I could go with out then to do so. The whole issue of alcohol being "safe" in pregnancy seems to be like most other things- it depends entirely on the opinion of your own health care provider.


Ba8y6irl - May 9

I agree Maya I think the same thing. Alcohol in moderation won't harm a baby, especially if you are further along. In the first 15-20 weeks I wouldn't bother, but when you get to 35 weeks or whatever you just want to have a gla__s of wine to relax. I have had a couple gla__ses throughout my pregnancy. No hard liquor but I had a gla__s of wine at New Years and one at Easter and a times I was out with my dh and he wanted a gla__s at a restaurant. I also had a beer at the Leafs game (hockey). I would definatly not worry about non-alcoholic beer. I am sure you will be just fine AML!


mayaB - May 9

HannahBaby it isnt me not caring. As I said I believe it is this european (italian in my case) culture/tradition that doesnt ban alcohol from an expectant mother's diet. It is absolutely normal , normal, normal here for ladies w/ a baby in womb to drink. When I say drink, Hannah I dont mean gallons! I mean half a gla__s, or a gla__s to wet the pallete when the situation seems right. (good food, nice occasion) As Applecake says the extremety of the bans depend on the type of schooling/opinion of the healthcare provider.


Emily - May 9

i do not normall drink much but i seems I haven't had a beer in ages. I got pregnant and stopped drinking and then didn't drink for a year after that cuase I was nursing and then wound up pregnant again right after I stopped nursing my dd. (actually I got preg while nursing, just didn't find out unitl shortly after I stopped) So now I am 33 weeks and really craving one. I made the mistake of taking a sip of my hussy's last night at a resturaunt and now I really want one. I was even thinking about an O-Douls. they are perfectly safe. some docs even sya one once in a while is okay as long as you dont drink more than your liver can handle. Best to drink with food in you too. I think that in american culture especially, people are very harsh on anyone who dare say it is okay to drink even a little while pregnant. Most docs tell you to stay away cause each person handles alcohol differently and there is no norm for what is and isn't too much, so they gennerally just say no for everyone....


krc - May 9

i drank beer daily before I was pregnant. Im one of those beer lovers...especially when a restaurant has it's own micro brewery. I quit drinking when I found out I was pregnant but I'd still have a beer about once every 2 weeks...if that. I am now 28 weeks and haven't had a beer in 12 weeks or so. But you mentioned odouls..... before I started showing I thought I could safely throw down a non- alc like odouls. Well that was the nastiest beer I ever had in my life. I thought it would ease my beer craving but it tasted like cold, flat, toilet water mixed in with an ashtray !! Yuck !!! Couldn' even finish it. Im sure there is another type of non alc beer that actually tases like beer but i dont need it that bad. Instead if I get an uncontrollable urge for a beer than I drink one. Its not a big deal. I had this horrible urge for a margahrita a few weeks ago. I mean this craving lasted for a week until I finaly satisfied it and got a tummy ache from it. So there's noting wrong with killing a craving.


Nita_ - May 9

oh yes, craving for beer/wine! That's me alright. Although I haven't had even o'douls since I learnt I was pregnant. I remember sipping a little champagne at a party i think around 6-7 weeks, but that's about it. I felt soooo guilty afterward but I knew that in some cultures (european), pregnant woman continue to drink beer/wine. so I'm sure its ok to do so in moderation. When we were trying to conceive, I was drinking odoul's thinking, its non-alcoholic completely. And then once I learnt that it wasn't quite, i quit it. I still have 2 more beer bottles in the fridge from those days, hubby doesn't really care for it much says it's better to drink water! LOL


AML - May 9

I'm not saying I want to drink an entire 6 pack but Maybe even just a sip or two just to curve my craving! I havent had anything with alcohol in it since I found out I was pregnant (I think that was like 4 weeks along) Anyways, I'm not going to buy anything until I speak with my dr. If he says ok then I will have a NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER! I actually like O'Douls! lol


Steph - May 9

AML, an O'Douls won't hurt ya, even three of them won't do anything to you. There's like .5% alcohol in them...something like you'd have to drink like 12 to equal one beer.


tcbean28 - February 4

I am 19 weeks pregnant, and have been craving beer... big time. I used to drink often while working at home on the computer. I am one who likes the taste. I have tried a few different non Alcoholic beers, I think Labatt Nordic tastes very close to regular beer. And I will be checking with my doctor also at my appointment tomorrow, I'll keep you all posted!!


kerryv - February 4

i have read and my doctor has told me that a drink every now and then is perfectly fine. just no liquor, beer and wine are good. especially red wine when you get into the third trimester b/c it keeps the blood circulation going very well.



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