Craving Ice

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Momof2 - November 12

Anyone else? I am 38wks. Should I be concerned??


SB - November 12

OMG...all I do is eat crushed ice. My husband thinks I am nuts!


Momof2 - November 12

Yeah, my husband thinks it's more of a mental condition than a physical one. lol! He gets so annoyed everytime I get into the freezer for the ice cube trays! I was just wondering if it meant, or was connected to, something the body isn't getting.... Glad to hear I'm not the only weirdo :). (and I mean that in the best possible way!)


kav - November 12

Me too!! My husband gets fed up with the sound of me crunching ice when he is trying to watch TV! It takes an hour for the ice cube tray to freeze in the fastest freeze drawer and I count the minutes until I can get more each time. Maybe we are just hot or hungry and thirsty at the same time. Either way, he says it is the best craving as it doesn't cost him a penny and he doesn't have to go out to the all night stores to get me anything weird!


kav - November 12

Oh - I am 38 weeks too - but have been crunching ice since about 28 weeks.


Kaeli - November 12

Hi Ladies, not to alarm you, but a few years ago I started chewing ice like a mad women. I happend to mention it to my doctor and he tested me for anemia. Sure enough.. I was anemic. Apparently that is a sign that you need more iron in your diet. So it may be something you want to mention to you doc on your next check up. If you want to read several things about it, just google "craving ice". You will see lots of stuff about anemia. Good luck to you all!!


Tati - November 12

Hey ya, I am almlst 34 weeks and I have to have a cup of crushed ice every day. I love to have a cup before bed too. As you all said Husbands hate it but since this is my third pregnancy in 4 years my poor husband doesnt even say anything, because he knows it will be useless. Also you think ice in weird I craved for chalk. Yep chalk the one for black boards. I was also checked for iron and it was way to low so I too some iron pills and that helped but this ice thing I LOVE IT. I don't even what to take the pills it will be over in what six weeks for me anyway. So I actually enjoy it.


kav - November 12

Thanks for the advice Kaeli and Tati. I will tell my midwife on Tues when I see her. I know my platelet count is low, but I didn't realise about this!


lyn - November 12

At sonic you can buy a bag of crushed ice for $1.49. I went through 2 bags a week. I figured it was better than candy.


SB - November 12

I am so glad to hear I am not the only one!


Confused - November 13

I, too, enjoy ice, but get it a different way...I make slushies in my blender. It can be orange juice and ice, Tang and ice, ice tea and ice, homemade frappes and ice, soda and ice, you name it. However, the last time my iron count was done, it was normal, so the ice craving doesn't appear to be due to anemia. I just like icy, slushy drinks! Burger King's frozen cokes are a real favorite, though I don't go crazy with them because I don't want to take in too much caffeine.


ca__sandra c. - November 13

i have a method for "making" crushed ice......people at work think that I'm nuts and make fun of me mericlessly! I also do it at home constantly, it drives my husband NUTS!!


C - November 13

This is very interesting as I always thought that crunching ice was something people do for nerves. My 2 year old daughter loves chewing ice too and also likes popscicles. I never was concerned about it, would that mean she could be anemic?


Kaeli - November 13

To C- I wouldnt worry too much about it. Most kids love popsicles! But you may want to mention the ice thing to your doctor. Or just increase the iron she gets in her diet and see if the craving stops. I dont think all ice craving/chewing is related to anemia. Its just a sign. Good luck to you!


Jen - November 13

OMG! I have the same thing all day, every day. I probably go through at least 8 or 9 gla__ses of ice a day- it is like the strongest craving I have ever had. I also realized that it is better than the candy that I was eating every day at around 3:00, plus it helped to slow down my weight gain. I am 3 weeks and have been on the ice kick for about a month now. I am going to talk to the doctor about the anemia thing just to be safe. Thanks for the advice!


Momof2 - November 13

ca__sandra C- What is your method for crushing ice? Please share! (I say this with a gla__s of ice cubes next to my keyboard... lol).


Jen - November 13

Oops! I meant to say that I am 37 weeks on my post above, not 3 weeks! What a huge mistake that was !!!!!!!!!!



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