Crazy Question Any Such Thing As Too Much Movement

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Kar - January 25

Hi Ladies, I'am 33 weeks preg and yesterday the baby was sooo active like crazy active, is there any such thing as too active? And now today baby is not active at all...when doing kick counts we almost don't make our two hour count? Anyone else go through this or am I going crazy?? I hate having to call the doc at everything.


Kar - January 25

Also I've been very campy the last 24 period cramps


candaceann1 - January 25

Hi there, I am at 30 weeks and have experienced the same thing over the past week or so. My little one will be so active where I stop counting after 50 in only a few minutes. And then very little movement for a day or so. When there is little movement, I have cramping in my lower abdomen and diarhea (sp?). I went to the doc they did a non-stress test everything was ok. I was told I had a virus.


mamagoose - January 25

That sounds pretty normal- they start having active waking/sleeping/REM cycles around that time, so your baby is probably up playing and then gets tuckered out and goes into deep REM sleep. Mine's been doing that for about the last 10 weeks or so (I'm 39w2d)- it gets going to fast that it's almost (I don't want to say it-) annoying, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm happy the baby is getting so much exercise... sometimes, when it starts driving me nuts, I just walk around for a bit and that settles baby down.


chriss - January 25

My little one has ALWAYS been active, since I started feeling movement. I am just over 33 wks and sometimes I think I have a little fish in there or something. I'm just hoping that it isn't a sign of things to come because if they baby is this active after it's born, I'm gonna need alot of sugar and coffee to keep up with it!! HA!!!


Kar - January 25

Thanks Ladies, gosh a women could drive herself nuts with all this pregnancy stuff......kick counts, movement, all that stuff. Some days its just overwhemling!!


Evansmomma - January 25

I completely understand. I'm 36 weeks and some days he doesn't stop moving throughout the entire day and then other days, I hardly feel him move. Babies just have their lazy days like anyone else. I notice alot of time it will have something to do with what I eat or drink, such as sugar, though, when he stays up all day.


cindernar - January 25

I'm sure there are people who disagree with me, but I don't know how reliable kick counts are. I had to stop doing that with my last pregnancy because I felt like I was on the verge of calling the doctor every two hours!



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