Crib Mattress

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Nurs2b21 - October 21

Any suggestions on what kind of mattress to buy? I've looked at all kinds and I'm a little confused. Some say they are antibacterial and this and that...I'm wondering if all that extra is really necessary. Any advice?


Mrs.Steve - October 22

I got the Serta one. It's blue with little sheep on it. I didn't have anything to go on other than the reviews. I went on and read the reviews from other users. Obviously, since lo isn't here yet, I don't know how it works, but I hope she likes it and can be comfy. Personally, I don't think all the bells and whistles are necessary, so long as it's a quality mattress. Though for myself, I'd LOVE a Tempurpedic mattres, LOL. DH isn't biting right now, though. He doesn't want to spend the few grand that they cost.


emfine99 - October 22

MrsSteve.... the empurpedic mattress isn't worth a couple thou. My friend has one and it's not the most comfy thing. Plus, I recently saw a queen size for $800..... we pa__sed it up and paid a little more and got a sealy mattress with memory foam in it. It's sooo comfy! Anyways, about baby mattresses, I don't know. I was looking at some tonight. Someone said don't overspend on them. I heard that as long as it's firm and not really cushy, then ti'll be good. You don't want the baby rolling over and singing in the mattress, even though we like that, someone said that's not the best for a baby. I think we are getting a serta one, it's maybe $80 or so.


J.J. - October 22

I don't recall the brand we purchased, but i do remember them explaining that you want a firm one for a newborn, then can get a softer one for toddlers...and some are avail with a soft side and firm side. But they are more expensive. At the time, my husband was armed with the scanner as we were registering and he was reaching burn out point, said, "my son doesn't need the soft side, he can suck it up w/the hard mattress." Bleep, he scanned the cheaper one. But you know what, it's worked just fine. He's now 2 and has always slept in there great, so i don't know that it really makes a difference!


tish212 - October 22

I got a firm sealy mattress for our lo (of course s/he isn't here yet) but I have also read they need a firm mattress...but for and hubby have a sleep number bed with a huge pillow top and that has worked out great...hubby likes a firm mattress and I perfer to sink deep into my mattress...of course I firmed my side up with the pregnancy cuz I was getting stuck in my little divet in the was actually kinda funny to watch me try to roll and grunt to get out of the valley in the bed... the sleep number cost more then the temperpedic...but honestly I felt it was more comfy when we went to try out new beds... (and u now can get a temperpedic pillowtop for any mattress if u wanna try it out to see if u like it) sorry I got off subject... :)


sahm2alaj - October 22

I have the Serta and my son slept in it until now since he has moved into his new toddler bed. It's firm and i usually just clean it with anti-bacterial wipes everytime i change the sheets.



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