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Allie - January 24

Hi, I went to babiesrus to look for a crib, and I really liked the Jardine Madison Crib. I was disappointed when I found out they don't have warranty. Has any of you have experience with this crib? Would you recommend buying another brand with Warranty? This is my first baby and I'm hoping to have more children in the future.


Angie - January 24

I have that crib and the problem I've found with it is its sides. I can't fit a mobile or any other crib toys on it over the railing so it has to be through the slots. When I do that, the mobile is way too close to the mattress and the crib toys can't fit with the bumper. I do love the crib looks though. It is beautiful in my daughter's room. As far as the warrenty goes, we've had a problem with it already. One of the side panels didn't have a rivet to screw in and we called the company they sent us a panel out right away and told us just to discard the other one. It really was no ha__sle to us and they didn't give us any problem.


shelly - January 24

I have the jardine madison crib and so far I love it. I put my mobile on, yes it's close to the matress, but you're only supposed to leave it on until your baby can lift himself up, so thats a couple months. I haven't had any problems with it, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to put any crib toys on it when I looked at it, but I loved it to much so I bought it along with the matching changing table and armoire.


Amber - January 24

I really dont know anything about my crib.. except it looks awesome. It was cheap, and well made. and from Ikea. I like it because it grows with the baby, (3 steps) turns into a toddler bed, the mobile and toys fit PERFECTLY, and the sides DONT go down... (i used to fall out over the sides that slipped). I used to shun Ikea stuff, but my mom loves it, and it can survive in her home with 3 dogs, and 4 kids! Good for me!


Honey Bee - January 24

Go to consumer and they will give you the skinny on your crib. I checked out all my babies thinks on that web and it has been very helpful. I also saw that there were recalls on some items that they still have out so it is worth looking into.


Allie - January 26

I decided to buy the crib, I didn't see any other that I like and can't affored the ones in the $400s. Consumer reports recommends the Delta, but I didn't like it at all, it looks cheap and not very steady, besides you have to use two hands to get the rail down, so if you have your baby in you arms you can't use it.


Tracy - February 16

I have had the crib for over a year and love it. It does come with a 18 months warranty. I had to have the drop rail replace about a month ago and when I emailed the company they sent out the part I need at no charge. I have nothing but great things to say about a company that does that.


Kiddolebel - February 16

We were going to buy that crib but then we decided to go with the Lifetime crib in white from babies r us.


Kiddolebel - February 16

Ameriwood Lifetime crib, forgot to add the ameriwood part, lol.


val - February 16

I bought a jardine crib from babies r us, in cherry finish, it was 299$...and let me tell you I had a horrible ordeal with it! First of all we live 2 hours away from babies r us...we waited a couple weeks to put the crib together. Well when we took it out of the box there was a huge chunk of wood chipped off on one of the rails where the baby could get to it easily, and another big scratch on one of the solid end pieces. So we called Babies R us where we bought more in stock...we had to go to a different babies r us to exchange it, still 2 hours away from home. We packed it back up, took it to the other babies r us, got there and insisted on looking the new crib over before we got it home. Guess what! We opened the box, and that one was damaged too. One of the solid end pieces was split with a big crack down the middle. We had them bring out yet ANOTHER crib, the same brand/color everything, and it had a piece of tape on the end piece up at the top, that they had put finish over...the tape was peeling off and underneath there was no finish. This one however had no gouges or cracks, so I asked them if they would give me a discount if I just took the one with a little finish missing, and they did give me 25$ we loaded it up. Well, my mother in law decided to get us the matching glider rocker/ottoman set, also Jardine brand...we got the first one out of the box there at the store to make sure it wasn't damaged, and sure enough the ottomon and back of the chair were cracked...the second one we looked at was okay. We got it home and it went together nicely. Even after all this, I decided to get the matching changing table, and it looked okay in the store when we inspected it, but when we got it home it was a pain to put together, the grooves for the shelves didn't line up fiance was very frustrated and had given up, but my mother and I used a b___ter knife and hammer and eventually got the shelves to pop into place. Everything is very sturdy now that we have it set up, with exception to the chair, I don't think that will last through a whole lot of use...I personally would not recommend this brand, although I really like the look of their things and it is fairly cheap for what you get, all the damaging was obviously done in the factory, with no fault to babies r us....and I had problems at both stores, not just one. This is just my experience though. The crib is great though, the front rail goes up and down very well using just one hand.



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