Crib Sheets And Baby Thermometers O Opnions Please

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excited2bemama - March 10

Just curious- About how many crib sheets do you all have ready for baby? I have 2 but I feel like I should get more. AND.. what type of baby thermometer did you allbuy? Rectal, underarm or ear or pacifer??? Also does anyone know if the cheap ones work as good as the more expensive ones? I was looking at wal mart and the rectal/underarm ones run from $3.50 to about $15.00 for basically the same thing. oh one more question- most of the rectal/underarm ones don't come with covers.... Do you all have 2 separate ones? I would hate to use a rectal thermometer anywhere else even if its been cleaned.


sahmof3 - March 10

Definitely buy more crib sheets. It happened several times to me that my kids pooped or peed more than 2 sets in one night. Icky lol. My ped said that rectal thermometers are the most accurate among less expensive thermometers, but if you get the professional-type ear thermometer I think they are good, but expensive... but if I had the money I'd do it because it is very hard to take a rectal temp on a squirmy, sick child... and when they are an older baby and can try to roll or crawl away... forget it!


sahmof3 - March 10

... oh and a cheapy thermometer to use under the arm is worth it! It can give you at least a general idea of their temp and is handy to throw in a diaper bag when you go away.


Tracy88 - March 10

I was just reading Consumer Reports last night because I wanted to know what the best type of thermometer would be for a newborn, and all the professional opinions out there say rectal, and stay away from having gla__s themometers in your home with kids. The reports stated that the variation in temps with the other types don't give consistent, true temps, etc...of the core body temperature like rectal ones do. Also, you wil probably need at least 4 sheets, but go for 6 in case you fall behind on laundry.


babyonboard16 - March 10

i got a pacifier one as a gift, anyone know how well they work?


sarahd - March 10

My sister's doctor told her that the ear thermometers can be inaccurate up to 1 degree before the baby is one year old (something to do with the way their ears are shaped), so he actually recommended either a rectal or underarm as opposed to the more expensive kind. Go figure!


wailing - March 10

Everything I've read and asked said that rectal was the best to have. Until babies get to be a year or so their bodies change so much that underarm and ear are unreliable. I feel bad for the babies bc it's so uncomfortable, but they are best. I am getting at least 6 sheet sets. How often does everyone change them if they don't get soiled?


Kristin11 - March 11

I always used the thermometer that came with the baby care kit. it works as a under arm or rectal, just put a bit of pet. jelly on it for rectal use. For underarm temps you add a degree.....for example if it says 99.9 it is really 100.9. For rectal remove a degree if it says 100.9 it is really 99.9. I however wouldnt use the smae thermometer for both uses, thats kind of yucky. lol. Oh and a__s far as sheets go, i kept many around, you never know when baby will be spitting up constantly or have diarehea. yep it happens.


excited2bemama - March 11

You guys are great!!! thanks for all the replies!!!So I definately need more sheets. - I think I will just buy 2 separate thermometers a cheap one for the diaper bad if I need to do a quick underarm temp and a rectal one at home. Oh I heard too that the pacifer ones weren't that accurate but obvious they are easier to do than a rectal.... and Yes how often does everyone change the baby sheets? Every 1-2 weeks like regular sheets? Unless they are soiled of course.



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