Crying For Everything Anyone

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Annette - December 2

Besides the roller coaster mood swings that I have had lately, no matter what, I burst into tears for the smallest issue. I am the typical chick who bawls to sad movies and domestic arguments, but now it is becoming too much and I hate it, but can´t help it. I get all teary-eyed with baby ads, cute toddlers in the street, a lullaby playing, a tomato sauce that didn´t taste as I expected, if the cashier at the supermarket didn´t say h__lo, everything. It is getting ridiculous, last night I saw a report about this gorilla mom clutching her baby and had to change channel before my husband noticed I was crying again and I started freaking him out.


Stephanie - December 2

Gotta love those pregnancy hormones. Don't feel bad, I cry a lot too over nothing. Forget it if I watch those baby shows on TLC or Lifetime.


Barbara Jean Huerta - December 2

Don't worry, Annette. You are not alone. I feel the same way. I cry for and about anything and without the slightest reason. I guess it is just normal feeling this way...but rest a__sured you are extremely lucky in the fact that your husband is at your side. My husband has to be away for a month because of work and I cry even more because I really need him with me more then ever. So again, dont worry...cry all you want...and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy next to the ones you love. That is the most important thing.


betty - December 2



Jen - December 2

Betty- no it does not hurt the baby to cry so much. In fact, stress hormones are actually released in tears, so it is better to cry than to hold it all in. It can be bad for the baby when the mother is very stressed out all the time, so maybe that is what you are thinking about. I think we all have days like this in our pregnancies, so let it all out and don't feel bad about it!


Annette - December 2

I know I should be ashamed of myself for being such a cry baby when there are so many women out there with real issues and still being strong: husbands away, single moms, high risk pregnancies. In my case, I just get super emotional for ANYTHING. I hope it will change after my baby is born or you can bet I will be THE mom crying at school pageants and baseball games...


Mendi - December 4

I need to stop watching the Baby Story on TLC. Oh my gosh, I cry the whole time. And d__n that Oprah, I can't seem to keep a dry eye when I watch her either.


Rachel.R - December 5

im 34 weeks pg, and im having the same thing.. although what gets me the worst is the WSPA ad, the one about stopping animal cruelty.. I cant bare to watch it.. it came on tv at my boyfriends house last night. I took one glance had to look away.. and burst into tears.. Its really embara__sing sometimes... Anything that is related to animals puts me over the edge, i think alot of it has to do with my dog who we had to have put down in January, he was a beautiful german shepherd x labradour.. had him since I was 7 years old. And now im crying... so sad.. But my boyfriend is always there for me when i get sad.. he cuddles me and tells me its ok, and to let it all out.. So your not alone.. Just dont open a page in hotmail.. they have those WSPA ads there, with pictures of neglected dogs.. I have 287 emails now, cause I just cant bare looking... :(


Sacha - December 5

yes, this just started for me in my this last trimester! I started noticing it around 32 weeks (i'm 35 weeks now). I get teary over commercials all the time.


Mendi - December 6

I thought of this forum earlier tonight. I'm not a huge country fan but my mom always listend to Reba McEntire. Flipping through her channels she had her top 20 video countdown, I started watching at number 6. I think I cried during every freaking video! lol I'm such a goober, I just thought you guys might get a giggle out of that one. I'm not even an emotional gal when I'm not prego. although, animal cruelty will always make me sad :(



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