Csection July 19th

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gracie - July 11

Hi, having my csection next wednesday. This is my second one. The first was scary beyond words as it was an emergancy. Trying not to get too nervous as it is inevitable that the baby will be born, but still nervous. How did everyone cope with the tension and nervousness leading to their planned csection. I sorta wish it was the day after already so that I would know I lived through it. I actually fear dying on the table. scary for me to write it out, but it is my true fear. I also fear feeling it again. thanks


3babies - July 12

Gracie, I am having my third c/s the day before yours. I have only just started getting a little nervous now. I get more nervous about the epidural, not of anything bad happening, just that it hurts! If you feel really anxious, I would ask your doctor if you can have something the night before. With my first and second I was already in hospital, so they offfered temazepam the night before to help you sleep. It was good, just took the edge off, but didnt make me feel yucky the next day. This time I will be at home, so I will be having a gla__s of wine and a warm bath the night before for sure!


Tjane - July 12

I am having a c-section on the 18th too and while I cant offer much advice just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with your fears. I have the same feelings... mine is scheduled for tuesday and I am counting down the days....I also am more afraid of the spinal than the actual c-section, well Im scared to feel the pressure too, my first c-section was an emergency one and I was put to sleep and woke up feeling horrible, I am holding onto the fact that I dont think it can be much worse than that, going to sleep pregnant, crying and freezing and waking up in another room, in different clothes, not pregnant, baby not around with noone in the room... I hated it so I am dreading the c-section but we get to meet our little ones soon!! I have decided I am just going to focus on my breathing through the c section to get me through it, Im one of those people who stop breathing when they get nervous or scared.... We will make it!!!


momofalmost3 - July 12

Why are you having a planned c section? Just curious. Even with an emergency one before if it was a transverse cut both inside and out (sideways low cut) you should be able to attempt a vbac. I'm having a vbac after 2 c sections any day now!


Tjane - July 12

I a__sume youre talking to all of us? If not sorry but its "hospital policy" BLA BLA BLA, to not allow v-bac, I couldnt find one doctor or hospital in my area that allows VBAC, I was told unless the babys head is coming out when i get there that they dont allow women to even attempt a v____al delivery if theyve had a c... I wanted to try but cant, and it has been 7 years and a completely uncomplicated pregnancy, it sucks......


LL - July 12

momofalmost3, I'm hoping for a VBAC but not sure if my baby is going to cooperate. I had my first c-section 12 years ago at 42 weeks because of my lack of progress and the doctor feeling that my bones were too small to deliver. My doctor now is willing to let me attempt a VBAC, but at my appointment today I've not made any progress at all and he would like me to consider scheduling a c-section at 39 weeks, which would be next week. I haven't agreed to schedule the c-section yet. I still want to wait and see if anything will happen on it's on. He said they can not induce me because of the increased risk in uterine rupture and he doesn't want me to go past my due date because he feels the baby will be too big for me to try and have v____ally and fears I will need a c-section anyways. Don’t know what to do yet but I'm as fearful as the rest of you. Not so much for the surgery but the recovery and I don’t know how much help at home I'll have. Go luck gracie, 3babies and Tjane!!!


gracie - July 12

Hi everyone, I have a 14 month old son and my doctor strongly sugested a repeat section as she said the chance of serious complications rises if you dont wait a year to get preggo again. I waited 5 months. However I do have the option where I go to try for a VBAC. I know this because at around 35 weeks I was in the hospital and they were stoping some contractions and told me that if I was in labor before my scheduled section after 36 weeks they would offer the option to try first. I am actually more scared of the small percentage of complications from a VBAC then I am from the section. But only a little more. Perhaps its because I had so many things that rarely apparently happen go wrong with my son's delivery that I anticipate the worst if I attempt a VBAC. Oh i was wondering did anyone else notice a huge difference in the amount of painful BH in their second or third pregnancy? I get what feels like mentral cramps so bad they take my breath away on a daily basis, but they are causing no or little cervical change so apparently they are just another pleasent thing to keep me from sleeping...lol....


Tanna - July 12

Good day to be having your baby...it's my birthday too! : )


Tjane - July 12

All these Cancer woman and cancer babies too!!! My birthday is Sunday the 16th, I will be exactly 39 weeks....



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