Cyst In Baby S Brain At 20 Wks

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Cher - June 23

I have posted in the 2nd trimester but thought maybe some of you in the 3rd trimester might have gone through this. I was told at my 20 wk u/s that a cyst was found. I don't know any details yet because I go see my ob/gyn on Monday to find out more. I have heard that this can go away at 24-26 wks, does anyone know anything about these?? thanks


Cher - June 23



Kara - June 23

Well i havn't had that experience, but i do know someone else that had a cyst on their baby's liver, and a relative of mine is pregnant and her baby has a tumour in it's brain. the cyst on the liver didn't grow and gradually reduced in size as the pregnancy progressed and doctors weren't worried, and my relative, they're waiting to see when the baby is born. But it does seem to be a fairly common occurrence, cysts in unborn babies, and dr will prob schedule another u/s to keep an eye on it. A lot of them seem to just go away. Sorry i can't be anymore help than that, i wish you all the very best for you and your baby.


monica - June 23

please dont worry about this. especially if there were no other markers found. these cysts are so commen and most are gone later on between 24-28 weeks. some even earlier. Will they be giving you an level 2 u/s?


Cher - June 24

What is a level 2 u/s?? I will find out on Monday what my ob/gyn says, I would hope they send me for another u/s again. I am trying to think positive for mine and the baby's well being....I have done some research on the net and that has really been helping, as well as the support and information from this site:) Thx!!


ree - June 24

Don't have a answer for you just wanted to let you know I will be praying for you and your baby. Couldn't imagine being in your shoes hope all turns out for you.


BBK - June 24

Cher, these are known as choroid plexus cysts. The choroid plexus is the tissue within the brain, which produces the cerebrospinal fluid. Do you know the dimensions? They have no significance except that they may indicate a slight increase in risk for trisomy 18 when they are over 10mm. So an amnio could be done if the cyst is greater than 10mm or if there are cysts on both sides. Whether there is really a risk increase is a subject of much debate in the medical community. There have been attempts by some scientists to link them to trisomy 18 (aka down syndrom) but the data I've seen on that argument is sketchy at best and statistically insignificant (1-1.5% with a 4% margin of error). I'm quite sure it will go away as it *always* does. Good luck and congatulations!


BBK - June 24

Also, just to back up what I was saying here is a link (take out any dashes) In this study it was concluded: "We conclude that the presence of isolated CPCs on midtrimester ultrasound are unlikely to be a__sociated with any significant neurocognitive delays in early childhood." So, don't worry!!!


Cher - June 24

Thanks...BBK - I researched on the net last night for awhile too and found alot of info - also looked in the pregnancy complication forum and found a thread on Choroid Plexus Cysts - ALOT of women have gone through this (very rea__suring) However, with what you said, I thought Trisomy 18 is Edwards diseise and Trisomy 21 is Downs syndrome???


BBK - June 24

Yes, you are correct, of course. They are both chromosomal abnormalities but different. Trisomy 18 is called Edwards syndrome. I was typing without thinking at the time I guess. Sorry if I confused you... In either case it should be fine.


Cher - June 24

Thanks BBK - I sure hope everything is fine. Very difficult - I felt like I was looking forward to that u/s for so long, and now I kinda wish I didn't even have it. I did get a 3D picture of baby's face - and that is what I think of to keep me focused through this:)


BBK - June 24

Sorry you have to go through this. Sonography is a great technology but it often can create false alarms and drive expecting parents nuts. We did the 3D as well and I got a pic on my desk :-)


BBK - June 24

It maybe OK Cher. The counselor will probably just explain what you already know. The doc may not know you've done your homework. We had it done because my wife is 36, and it was a good experience. Our counselor was a nice and helpful lady.


Cher - June 25

Thanks so much for your replies of support BBK - this is such a scary time. I have 3 other healthy children and this pregnancy was actually a surprise. I will update after the appointment on Monday. There is also a great website I found that seems to be supportive -


Steph - July 1



Tracie - July 7

Dear Cher I have a friend that is going through this and I looked up some information for her. Look in and I believe it is called Choroid Plexus Cyst. Hope that helps


Kim - July 14

Im in my 37th week of pregnancy and had my first visit with the ob/gyn. She told me that in my last u/s which was in my 20th week that they found a cyst in my baby's brain. My family doctor didnt say a word to me about this and its my first baby. Im really worried even though the ob/gyn said not to worry. I have to wait a week for the emergency u/s to find out if the cyst is gone. I wish I knew earlier about this. I prey that both our babies are fine.



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