Cyst In Baby S Brain At 20 Wks

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wunder75 - July 2

Hey Cher. Do try not to worry. I know it's hard, but we had the same thing at our 19w u/s. Two cysts, pretty large, and the doctor did mention trisomy 18, but also that they're very common outside of that, and more often than not, they clear themselves up. He said none of the other markers appeared, though, and to come back in four weeks to look again. I gave myself ONE day to scour the internet for info on Trisomy 18, and then not think about it again. At 23 weeks, they were even smaller. He then said, "come back in three weeks, so you can see they're gone." We went back just this week, the cysts are gone, and our boy is growing on pace. They cysts are very common, apparently, because while the brain is developing, the pathways for fluid just get clogged up. I do wish you had a better doc. Ours was awesome in his ability to rea__sure us about this whole thing over the last 11 weeks.


wunder75 - July 2

ugh, just noticed the age of the original post. Leah86, I don't think that posterior fossa cysts and choroid plexus are the same. But I could be wrong.


leah86 - July 3

i am searching my hardest to find out if fossa cyst is the same as choroid plexus.can any 1 help.


wunder75 - July 5

no, they do not seem to be the same thing. they are often mentioned in conjunction with each other, but as separate entries. The differentiators seem to be location of the cyst(s), and potential chromosomal abnormalities that they may indicate.


leah86 - July 6

we found out our baby had a cyst last tuesday it was about we found out it has grown a lot and the chances of it being handicap is v high so we have opted for a termination heart breaking as it is a child with special needs is not for us.good luck to u all an i pray for all your babys to be healthy an well.leah 19+5


smirza1 - February 24

Hi Cher, If you still use this please let me know how your baby is now. I am having this same problem and I am really scared. Just found out so I started searching right away.


sa__sy12 - April 30

hey i just found out that my baby have a cyst on her brain. what are the chances that it may go away and what can happen if it don.


leah86 - May 1

hi sa__sy12 what did the doctor say to you?as above some cysts can disappear as the brain grows bigger the pocket of fluid(the cyst)drains of threw the brain channels .but as with mine it had grown a lots from 1 scan to the next,my doc told me this was not good as part of the brain was acctualy missing!he told me that the part that was affected was the most serious part affecting breathing,swallowing, speech,co-ordanation ect.he told me the best thing to do for the baby was to have a medical termination,if he survived the birth he wont last longer than mins afterwards!......speak to your doctor or midwife asap and demand explanation an medical records,if you cnt read your notes demand they read them to you.good luck and all the best an i pray ur babys cyst isnt as complex as mine was an all will be fine x


sa__sy12 - May 1

Leah86 he said it was a little cyst and not to worry... But what if it gets bigger ?? What would happen to my baby ??


leah86 - May 2

to be honest i dnt know,if they told u not to worry then just try not to,you should be booked in for an other scan soon to check the growth of it???


Emma93 - June 26

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and at my first u/s They found a cyst in the baby chest baby is 4.7 cm and the cyst is 8 mm and a heart beat of 163 was wondering if anyone new of anything similar ?? I've been looking at most of the comments on here and it looks like there baby's have been getting them 20 weeks and onwards but they are disappearing which is giving me hope .. When I went and saw my gyn it felt like she was telling just bad news anyone else ?? Fingers X for Friday



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