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Soon2beMommy - October 18

Okay first off let me tell you the situation. I am 40.3 weeks pregnant. I first started getting my internal exams at 36 weeks and have had only my baby drop. no dilation at all. I have a very tiny bit of thinning but that also has changed since the 36th week. When I went in last Friday my doc could barely get to my cervix. This was strange to me because he hadn't had a problem before but it seems it moved up high. He said still no change and that my cervix is very high at this point in my pregnancy. I am scheduled to be induced Thursday morning. He does not think I will be able to deliver va___ally. He says I have a large baby and my body might be telling me she's too big to pass through. He said When I go in Thursday morning he will give me cytotec to start the ripening of my uterus then pitocin four hours later. He will let me labor into Friday morning( he feels that I will because he doesn't think I will deliver va___ally but he wants to give me a chance) and then he will perform a c-section. My question is has anyone taken CYTOTEC and what was there experiance with it? Thanks so much


Christy - October 19

I'm sorry I've never heard of cytotec, my thoughts were, why labor and go through all the pain if he thinks you can't deliver. I understand if you want to deliver, but if you don't care either way I would talk to the doctor about doing a c-section and skip all the other. It seems like a lot of pain to go through just to end up with a c-section. Good luck with your delivery. I hope it goes the way you want it to.


AJSMOMMY - December 8

Dear Soon2beMommy - I would like to know how your birth went. I had a horrible experience with my first labor and the doctor I had pretty much said the same thing. Later I have found out he was doing everything on his own agenda and taking advantage of a first time mom who wasn't given a chance to make and informed consent for and induction. I am now pregnant with my second child and have just found out how dangerous Cytotec in particular is. The manufacturer of the drug states on the lable never to be given to pregnant women. The FDA does not approve it for pregnant women due to such high risks of fetal death, maternal death and uterine ruptures. All I know is this time around I am not letting a doctor put me on his agenda so he can be home in time for dinner... or as in my case home in time to leave for vacation. Please let me know what your experience was. Thanks!!!


venus_in_scorpio - December 8

i had it administered v____ally to thin out my cervix when i was induced. it put me into labor like 7 hours later, my water broke on its own. i ended up having a c-section after 15 hours of hard laor due to fetal distress but im pretty sure that was due to the fact that she couldnt fit in my pelvis not the drug. she came out with red marks where her poor little head eas hitting my pelvic bone.


tubbybear70 - December 8

I was given cytotec also to thin cervix for baby #3....I am now pregnant with #4 and switched dr.s so I had to get my medical records - I saw on the records where doctor had used cytotec to thin cervix and I have to admit, I wasn't overly thrilled when I googled cytotec and read all of the horror stories..... I actually can't believe they allow this drug to even be at the hands of Dr's since it isn't approved by the FDA for use by pregnant women. Just google CYTOTEC and read for yourself.......GL


AJSMOMMY - December 8

I also wanted to add that my son was born in respiratory distress, had to stay in the NICU for a week and the neonatologists in the NICU pretty much attributed all of my son's complications to the over use of cytotec and high epidural dose. Cytotec is not safe and docotrs should not use it. Tubbybear70 is right on the money when she stated that people should google this drug. You have to wonder if your last trimester discomforts are worth risking the life of your baby and you.



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