Damn It S Too Late Isn T It

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kr - January 4

I have 10-18 days to go and have been bugging my DH since month 6 that I want to go out and spend time with just him. He is charming and great company and I wanted one dinner away before I had to share him with our newest addition and even more responsibilities. So he comes in with his gorgeous grin last night and lets me pick the spot ( a very big deal since he has been the health nut and dessert freak since we got the big news).Once we got to dinner and had a few bites I had to run to the bathroom. We didn't stay longer than 45 min. Did I missed my chance? Is there another way ? What do you ladies do? I want romance!


Jessica - January 4

Why don't you get take out from your favorite restaraunt, and have a nice candlelight dinner at home?


Ginny - January 4

Hey, kr, when are you due? I'm due 1/20, and I'm having similar issues. It's not too late for romance, but you may need to change you're mind about what is romantic. :) I like what Jessica said, because then you can have romance, with the convenience of your own bathroom. We have begun going to movies alot more than we used to because it's something I can do sitting down, and if the story isn't complicated, it's no big deal to get up for potty breaks, and then we go talk about the movie over a shared dessert. My new favorite thing is for my husband to rub my feet and/or back - it's so sweet, that I always feel really loved and cherished. And I hope this isn't TMI, but some of my s_xy nighties still fit, and some of them look better than before because I actually have cleavage! Above all, if you can't find the chance to be romantic, turn normal everyday activities into romance - cook together, call him and leave a flirty voice message, etc. Good luck!


Ashley N - January 5

Why did you only stay 45 minutes? Almost everywhere we go, I'm running to the bathroom. If it's a movie, it's before the movie, during, and after! It drives me crazy but dh is very patient and he's like, it's just a part of what's going on. I would try setting up something at home, too - we get sparkling grape juice, a new release movie, and candle light! ;)


mel - January 5

why don't light some candles and curl up together on the couch with with a nice romantic comedy and some sparkeling apple cider? may not be the same as going out, but cuddleing is always romantic.



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