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MC - November 11

I'm 36 weeks and having to use panty liners because I always seem 'damp' down there. If I don't I have a little wet spot on my panties and even pants by the end of the day. Is this normal? This has been going on for awhile.


Jen - November 11

I have had the same thing for the last few weeks. I asked the doctor about it and they did a test to see if it was my water or amniotic fluid, but it was neither. Apparently, as your cervix softens this is just what happens, so it means you are moving in the right direction! I would still bring it up to your doctor though. By the way, I am 37 weeks. Good luck!


J - November 11

MC- I am 38 1/2 weeks and I have had that happening since before 30 weeks. It totally sucks!!! For me I think it's a mix between sweat and wee wee.......hehehe sounds so gross. I know it's possible to leak amniotic fluid but it's probably just the normal discharge that we all have to go through when preggo. Good luck!


abc124 - November 11

to J- I am having the same problem!! OMG.. half way (if even that) through the day, I feel like I have wet myself. Its horribly uncomfortable and just nasty!! I did ask my doc about it, he told me it was normal. yay! 7 more weeks of feeling like I have a wet diaper on! But I know it will all be worth it in the end! : ) Good luck to you all..


Ca__sie - November 11

I sweat down there and the doc said it was normal to be moist. It is an icky feeling, I know.


Jackie - November 11

I am so glad you posted this question, I really thought I was abnormal. I have to put baby powder on in the morning so that I can stay dry "down there" for part of the day. I hope this goes away as soon as pregnancy is over with.


mommie - November 11

I myself just asked my dr this question last week cause i was afraid it was a/f but turns out it is just little accidents that we have cause the baby is resting on our bladders and our bladders are weak, good luck


dew - November 11

I have been using a panty liner since I was about 10 wks, but at 33 wks I feel like I'm changing it constantly. I hate it, god forbid I sneeze or cough!! I shower 2 times/day because I can't stand feeling dirty "down there". I knew wierd things would happen to me but this sucks. For the most part, I like being pregnant but it's hard to keep up with my body sometimes. Not to mention the fact that I haven't even seen "down there" in months (lol)!!!!!!


C - November 12

Mee too Me too! Isn't this FUN? lol It will all be over soon...then we have a few weeks of pads...yah! I have had this problem too, with itching from being damp....Doc says skin down there is sensitive and to treat it like you would a "diaper rash"...go figure? Use some baby powder and you will feel drier....also when itching, use some diaper rash cream (just externally) and believe me...it actually helps - alot!!


C is right! - November 12

I also have the exact same problem. It has gotten really bad before, to the point that "down there" and the insides or my legs will be raw. Like C said, it's almost like a diaper rash. What really works for me (besides staying dry) is Vitamin E cream (it's actually for babies) and baby powder. This helps instantly!The powder sticks to the thin layer of cream so it can't be irritated anymore. Good luck girls!


Tati - November 12

This was helpful knowing that I am not olone. I am almost 34 weeks and it happens to me too. But my problem is not only that I can't wear the pads because they cause infection. So instead of changing the pad I have to change my undies 2-3 times a day I run out for the next day, Help.


* - November 12

Urine, discharge, and/or sweat.....it's normal.



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