Dark Line

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Curious - March 31

I am in the Second Trimester, but I thought I would post this question on the Third Trimester, I am just wondering when you get the dark line running down from your belly button??


Naomi - March 31

Not everyone does the only darkness i have (and I am Very light skinned) is a dark Spot in my belly b___ton. No line.


Ashley - March 31

OMG Naomi.... me too! I always wondered why I have this dark spot on my belly b___ton. I thought it was only me cause everyone who saw it always commented on it saying 'thats so weird'.


Billie - March 31

I got the dark line in my second trimester. At first it was just under my belly b___ton but, as I grew bigger, so did the line. It now stretches from my b___st bone all the way down. It's very thin though so I don't really mind it. I just don't take any belly pictures from the front. =)


Jenny - March 31

I got it in my second trimester but it is very faint. Not a big deal and apparently it will go away after birth. It is just hormones raging again,


Toya - March 31

I also got mine in the 2nd trimester and as someone else mentioned it's not just from the belly b___ton to the pubic bone..Mine reaches up to 7 inches past my belly b___ton


Curious - March 31

Thanks for your responses. I am also just wondering, I heard an old wives tale that if the line was straight then it was going to be a boy, and it is was a bit crooked then it was a girl. Anyone that has gotten this line and knows the s_x, can you tell me if this is true for you. I don't have my line yet, but I am wondering if this wives tale has any truth to it.


Billie - March 31

My line is straight and I am having a boy. I never heard of that OWT before. That's news to me.


Curious - March 31

Billie...I know that is a new one to me too, that is why I am curious???


Toya - March 31

lol. Wow...mine is kind of slightly crooked and I'm having a girl.I've never heard of that one either, but that is INTERESTING!


connie - April 2

Not everyone gets a dark line. I started to get mine at about 3 months however i am also fair skinned and it really shows...i love it


Alyssa - April 3

Had it with my first pregnancy, crooked, and had a girl. This time, it's a boy and it hasn't appeared yet (10 days till due date!)


Curious - April 4

Well that is cool, I can't wait till I get my line now, so I can see if it is straight or crooked.


Crooked line too - April 4

Had a girl. This beats the drano and pee test.



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