Dark Line On Belly

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Lo - July 19

I was just wondering if anyone knows what and why we get that dark line on our belly? Mine is just starting and is very light but I'm not 100% sure on what exaclty it's purpose is. Anyone??


anne - July 19

its just when the muscles separate, but it shows up more in women who lack folic acid in their bloodstream. i had sooooo much of it that i never got the line and im 38 weeks. i love cereal, which has quite a bit in it. This is but one study covering the causes of the line, but worth noting its discussed in medical journals.


Mimoza - July 19

I am 37 weeks and have mentioned dark line. i am also courious to know its purpose!!!


Nick - July 19

I have had the dark line since about 20 weeks. I am now 35 weeks. I did not think I would get it because I was told that women with darker skin usually have it. Now I know that is not true because I am very fair skinned and my best friend who is Italian and native American did not get a dark line. Also she had a girl and I am having a boy. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.


Lori - July 19

I'm fair skin as well and the line is really light but noticiable. I take my prenatal pills every day and I also eat a ton of cereal (seems that's all I crave).


Melissa - July 20

My doctor said that we always have that line on our abdomen, we just dont see it until wee are pregnant, when the hormones cause skin discolorations. He did say it is more prominent if you are lacking folate, so that is true. He did not say why the line is there, just that before pregnancy its called linea alba, and when it turns dark during pregnancy its called linea nigra. I do not think it has anything to do with muscles separating though. I am 29 weeks and you can barely see the line, som people do not get it at all.


h - July 21

37 weeks no line


ChrissyR - July 30

Lo... there is no purpose to linea negra, the drak line down the center of your abdomen.... its just another one of those weird things that happen to our skin during pregnancy... that line is actually always there but we don't notice it... hormones during pregnancy can change the skins pigmentation... making the once unseen line darken up. BTW... I had it with my first pregnancy and now I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and do not have the line at all.



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