Dawn Had Her Baby Boy

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Dawn - October 18

Hi guys. I finally came home today!! I went in for induction Fri @ midnight. My water was broke at 1000 am Saturday. I did not get complete and ready to push until 815 Sat night. I pushed until he was born @ 927pm. He was 7lbs 8oz 20in long. I had to stay until today because he was jaundice and needed the billie lights. I need to get in there with him but wantedto let you know and check on everyone else. Take care


Erin - October 19

Hi Dawn, congratulations! Did you have an epidural, and how did the labor go? Was it really painful and hard? I would love some more details! Thank you!


lisa - October 19

congratulations dawn, any photos of your little boy.


Tonia - October 19

Aww congratulations Dawn! Atleast it's all over for you and you don't have to wait anymore. Tell me how the induction went b/c If I don't go this week then they will induce me on the 25th. Congratulations again. And if you had the epidural how long did it take to give you the epidural. I heard that it takes anywhere from 3 to 10 min.


Mary - October 19

Congrats, Mommy! Give us more details! :)


Tigerphoenix - October 19

Oh congrats Dawn. We were wondering how you faired! You should get in on the bet of who's going next on the Oct Mom thread hehehee.


Barb - October 19

congrats dawn!! details...details..how did it go for you?? God bless you both...got any pic's??


JB - October 19

Congrats Dawn!!! I'm so excited for you!!


Dawn - October 19

Ok ladies. I will try to answer all your questions. It is so hard being here trying to tend to him and stay on the computer like I used to. ERIN-- I didnt have an epidural, I had a caudal which is same thing just goes lower in toward b___t bone. It took say 5 min numbing was worst part. Labor NO PAIN nor hard. My pelvic area was very narrow so baby head was a little cone shaped but has straightend out.He is precious.. LISA-- I will try to get some pics on here soon. TONIA-- This was my first so I dont know any difference from actuakl labor to inductions. I had no problem or pain whatsoever. TIGERPHOENIX-- Good luck, I will be praying for you. BARB AND JB-- Thanks I will try to get some pics on here asap. LITTLE MORE OF LABOR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am actually 27 yrs old. I have NEVER been in hospital for anything NOT even ER visit so I was scared. My mom works for my OB doctor. He is in a group of 4. My actual due date is 10/20. He was on call last weekend and wanted to deliver me specifically. I went in on Fri at midnight for induction. I was so scared of IV and the whole visit. I got there and was given a soap suds enema. My IV was started and actually was not that bad. At 130 am I was given a v____al cervidil suppository to thin my cervix. At 530, I was given another one. I never slept all night just laying there thinking. At 900 am dr came by to say hello. I was having contractions due to the cervidil which were 1-2 min apart. I really could not feel them. He went ahead at 900 and gave my caudal. I was then numb. I never felt any bad labor pain or contractions. At 100 am he broke my water. I was still only 1cm and about 75% effaced. Then by 300pm they say I was in full labor. I am not sure what time I was exactlly 10cm. They were worried at first because I was not thinning out and my temp was going up. They gave me a few bolus fluid and at 800pm I was ready to push. I I think it was actually close to 815 before I started to push. At 927 I had the big guy. NO EPISIOTOMY!!!!! but YOU GUESSED IT< I GOT HEMMOROIDS. THey actually do not bother me THANK GOD!!!! My guy weighed 7lb 7oz 20 inches long. I was actually discharged Mon am but my lil guy had to stay for his elevated billirubin (jaundice). I was allowed to stay in my room complimentary. He was under the bille lights all day mon and through mon night. They did bring him out for me to nurse. We got home yesterday at 230. I am so glad to be home.


Ranya - October 20

Congratulations Dawn, sounds like everything went smoothly...what did you name him?


Dawn - October 28

He was named Christopher Nelson



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