Day Care Question

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ahemann99 - July 12

I am looking into daycares right now and was wondering if anyone out there had some good advice to give to me before going on the tour? Any questions I should ask that i may not think of? Thanks!


mischelly30 - July 12

Hmm...well I don't know if I can give you questions you hadn't thought of, but some things I focused on were: 1. security. Is the daycare center locked, or can anyone off the street walk in? 2. cleanliness. Is it clean? I toured one facility that smelled of dirty diapers, it turned me right off. 3. openness of the children with daycare staff. Do the children seem happy? Do they go up willingly to the staff and interact with them, or do they 'shy away'? I also asked 4. if I could pop in whenever I wanted to b___stfeed, check on things, etc? the answer should be yes! 5. can I bring in my baby's own crib toys? (most places will only allow crib toys so that the other kids don't get upset when you take the toys with you at the end of the day). 6. what is the staff/parent interaction like? Will I get a progress report every day to find out how things went? I hope that helps.


Been There - July 12

What holidays are they closed? Do they close any other times during the year? Do you get vacation? What is taught? Some places use Baby Einstein early on, etc. Are they accredited? What is the level of training provided to their staff? Are their staff members certified as teachers, in CPR, etc.? What is their routine or schedule? Do they provide daily reports on your child? How do they find their employees? Are their employees' background's thoroughly checked?


ThePezChick - July 12

I don't know if they have a center in your area, but here in Charlotte, NC we have a place called Child Care Resources. You can call them and get info on child care centers in the area... star ratings, rates, etc. You can also go on their website for info. Even if they don't have centers in your area, there's a list of questions to ask when you visit child care centers/in-home child care. Good luck! I went on my first visit yesterday and loved it. I met with the director, who volunteered all the info I wanted to know, and visited the infant cla__s for over an hour. The teachers answered questions I had and gave me info without me asking. The director encouraged me to stop by at least 2 more times, at different times during the day, so I could see how the center was run and so I could catch parents as they were leaving with their kids. She encouraged me to come once at the end of the day and to walk to the parking lot and just start talking to a parent. They were so open I knew they rocked!



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