Dead Exhausted

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molly - January 18

OK I was told that after the first trimester the exhaustion would go away (that never happened by the way). I am now almost 30 weeks into this and have been tired forever (or at least it seems). It's hard to sleep through the night because of the getting up and having to pee. I work full time and have no energy when I get home. The last few weeks I have been so tired that I could literally fall asleep at my desk or in my dinner. I can't take this anymore. I want to get started on cleaning the house and getting things ready for the baby, but I have no energy. Anyone else out there feeling like this. I could literally fall asleep on my keyboard today.


JennyC - January 18

my sleepiness came back full force in week 28. I'm now 31 weeks and I do actually have a little more energy, but I'm still tired a lot. I think the during the 3rd trimester it is normal to feel tired a lot. Soooo...I'm not very much help, except to tell you that you're not alone. good luck


Beth - January 18

Oh Yeah you described me perfectly....and I am sorry to say it doesn't (or didn't for me anyways) get better. I will be 38 weeks this friday and I have been sleepwalking through this pregnancy. My house is a mess and my baby's room is full of bags and boxes. I am only partially packed for the hosp and yes I am stressed!


lmrod55 - January 18

Exhausted here too! I never got that burst of energy that everyone kept referring to in the 2nd trimester...I have been tired this entire pregnancy!! I am at 36 weeks, and feel like I could sleep the day away...but I too work full-time and then come home to a 2 year as soon as she goes to bed I wind down and go to bed! Hubby has been doing all the cleaning - and it kills me, as it's not done my way, but I am grateful that he does it and I don't complain.


Girl Gilly - January 18

I am sorry. I can not provide much help but I can commiserate with you. I am so tired these days as well. The last two nights I have gone to bed earlier and that has seemed to help a bit - not much though. I find that having a bath relaxes me and actually can perk me up a bit. My husband has been absolutely terrific. He does not ever make me feel bad for sleeping too much. He has always been great with housework and cooking, but now he is taking on more and more. You mentioned that you get up to pee a lot. Have you tried stopping drinking earlier in the evening? Doesn't help me, but I have heard others have found it to help.Just remember - you are not alone!!


andrea - January 19

Take some time off work- if you can. I know the tiredness is terrible! Do you need more iron or anything? I was sooo tired the first few months, then it got better and then, like everyone else, it started again at about 28 weeks. but it has gotten a little better.



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