DEAR LORD Labor Or What

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mommyagain - January 16

In l&d lastnight, was 2 cm 60% effaced and -1 station. We were thinking today would be the day. I bled bright red this morning and then just like a brown pink till about lunch and back again tonight. Contracts come and are reg. for a while but only about 30 - 45 sec. long and then fade. I am so tired and can't walk comfortabley at all due to the pelvic pain. Sex is not comfortable, walking is torcher (sp). I think he has gotten even lower today because all of his movement pretty much is below my bellybutton. Is there anything I can do or any advise to help. My mom, dad, brother and brother in law are all leaving Thursday afternoon for a family emergency out of town we needed to tend to and so so upset it will happen then when everyone is gone.


disneymommy79 - January 16

I didn't think that you should be bleeding bright red blood. They told me that at anytime i start bleeding like that I should go to L&D right away. Did you call someone and what did they say about that. I'm sorry ur so uncomfortable it sucks. I'm so ready to have this baby but contractions just seem to come and go and nothing comes of it. 12 days left for me well at least till my Duedate. Good luck.


mommyagain - January 16

disney-I did call the doc. but ended up on hold and got frustrated and decided to wait to see what came of it. The bright red turned into a pink and then brown so I let it go. He had been moving so it didn't really alarm me. I thought maybe it was caused by the exam lastnight.I know what you mean though about the contractions. I have had several today that I haven't been able to talk through but in the end they go away.


Bailey2786 - January 16

I had bright red blood and blood clots after an exam at 26 weeks... I went to the LD and they called my doc.. she said not to worry just from the exam that I had... took about days to stop all together!



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