December Mommies November 3rd TP Test

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Gina - November 3

Hey, let's do the toilet paper test again. That was cool. I am just short of 12 squares of Scott 1000 sheets.


Jaime - November 4

Charmin, 9 1/2 squares. :o)


Ca__sie - November 4

Hey december moms. I'm in the basment right now and don't have any tp at my fingertips... so I'll do that another time. Just don't feel like going all the way upstairs right now. It's been quiet on here and on yahoo. Must have been a very busy week for everyone. I had a bizaar dream last night. I keep having very vivid dreams! Baby seems to be slowing down some. She's moving, but not as much. I'm 35 weeks tomorrow, so maybe that is why. Hope to hear from you all soon.


YC - November 4

Hello everyone. Is this the time that dreams kick in to high gear? I have been having one or two strange ones every night. The funny thing is this whole pregnancy in every baby dream I have had it's a boy. I know we are having a girl (we had an amniocentesis). I can't figure out why I only have boy baby dreams. hmmm. Anyways, I have had a lot of discomfort this week. Lots and lots of pelvic pressure. It's to the point where I hate to get up from my desk because I know it is going to hurt so bad. After I am up and walking around for a few minutes it is fine. I guess it's just a shift of the weight from sitting to standing. The advice nurse had us go in to Labor & Delivery wed. night just to be on the safe side. The dr. said she is headdown and very low in my pelvis and that's what's causing the pain but it's normal. I really hope it doesnt get worse. I dont think I can take it. Does anyone know if her being so low is a sign that she may come early? I am hoping she will come at 38 weeks. I am 34 weeks today and the thrid trimester seems like it is going soooo slow. We are going to pick up the nursery furniture today. It's about a three hour drive (each way) but it's worth it because we are getting a really good deal and my family lives there so I will get to spend time with them. This is my last trip home until February. Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend. Talk to you all soon.


Brooke - November 4

I'm 36 weeks and I'm going crazy!! I'm so ready to have my baby girl. I'm figuring that I'm going to go late since I'm anticipating it so much!!


Kayla - November 4

I just got back from the bathroom and forgot to do the tp thing, mind you I went the with the sole purpose of measuring, and i ended up peeing, washing my hands and back to the computer! What an idiot! I am REALLY hoping she will com early too, like right after Thanksgiving (I'll be 38 wks that friday) But like Brooke, I believe she will come late only because i can't wait anymore!! I've seen so many nasty posts of people saying that we should just wait, be patient, let nature take it's course, etc, etc... But I don't think wishful thinking is bad!! AND I must confess, I am hoping that my pelvic pains mean something is going on, I try having s_x everyday just b/c I know it ripens your cervix, I sickly enjoy my BH's now hoping I'm dilating... so on and so forth. Sorry for being so graphic, but I would just love to meet my little one soon!


patty - November 4

hi guys!!! Been really busy but sounds like everyone is still doing fine. Great!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend I am going back to the the hunting camper with hubby but he swears they have chopped down that cornfield soo..maybe it won't be so creepy. I feel alot a pressure down there too but the doctors have not said anything about his position or anything like that ....I asked the dr last time I was in how much he weighed and he said approx 3.5 pounds and the dr told me it was ok to get in my hottub as long as I did not let myself get too hot and start sweating...if any of you are thinking about the hottub (no sweating and don't let jets shoot inside you for anytime cause you do not want to get pressurized air inside you) then it is ok....I keep mine around 98 degrees and it is perfect the dr said even 102 was ok just don't get too hot....ok enough about that ( I was really excited to find out about that!!!) Next weekend I will hopefully rally everyone to the house to finish up the babies room...Whew! what a relief when that gets through.....Last weekend we had poker night at the house and I won!!!! It was a 100.00 pot cause 10 of us played and we all put in 10 dollors. I was so excited!! of course it is baby money lol. The second baby shower seems like it is going to be full of drama. My mom in law is being down right pushy with me and how I should be acting eating and doing cause I am pregnant but it is funny cause half of what she says is really old know things back in the day you could'nt do (like the hottub) and painting .....darn.... if I should come to a flight of stairs I am suppossed to glide down on an umbrella like mary poppins or something....I must say my nerves are getting a little aggravated.....I am not a china doll!!!!! Oh and did you know that acorns are deadly little things??? I got them falling all over the place at my house and you would think they were each little grenades and if you were to step on just one you might be blew from kingdom come.......I swear if I really listened to everything mom in law said I would be scared to leave the house on account of all the dangers lurking out there for pregnant women. I know.....she just cares.....but shucks!!!!! do yall have any funny stories to tell about stuff people have told you that you should not do cause you are ****shush**** pregnant? gotta go have a good one!!


TCM - November 6

Hi All. Had a hectic week last week and my BIL and SIL to stay from Adelaide this weekend. They helped us with packing up so it was good. Our move was delayed from last week to this week - good for packing, bad for unpacking - we have our housewarming/ Hubby's 30th on Saturday so we have to do some quick unpacking. After this weekend though the whole focus will be baby - nursery etc. I just cant seem to get it into my head that I must bend at the knees. I keep bending over at the waist while packing and hurting my belly - you'd think I could remember not to hurt myself or baby for more than 10 minutes!!! Patty, my mom lives far away but I get these occasional calls whose only purpose is to say something like "You're not doing anything stupid like all those other pregnant women and wearing those tight tops that show your belly sticking out are you?" and then I will get another random call saying "Should I send you some clothes, I dont want you wearing those loose tops that make pregnant women look like tents!" - If I followed her advice I would have to stay in-doors naked for 9 months. The same with eating or avoiding sushi/wine/milk/chocolate etc - one day it is ridiculous, the next day it is essential to the health of her grandchild. I can laugh at it 'cos it is just phone calls and only because she cares (I know when I get a call like that she has been lying in bed thinking about it for hours waiting for the right time to phone!!) The other thing I have to manage is that in Australia it is considered very bad to wear underwire bras while pregnant - from a question I posted in the 1st trimester, I got the idea that this is just an Australian thing. Asked my dr about it who laughed and have worn what is comfortable since then but every time I go ot with one of my friends she checks so I have to make sure to remember which bra to wear when I go out with her - you'd think my whole pregnancy revolved around the lack of underwires in my bra!! Do you think we will all remember this when it is our turn to advise our friends, daughters or duaghters-in-law? Will do the TP test when I get home tonight and let you all know.


Kayla - November 7

Okay here it is... 35 wks, 10 squares cottonelle.. Happy monday and hope you ladies are having a good one!


mom to be - November 7

Well i am on my 33rd week just got back from my drs appt, from 10 days ago i gained 2 pounds and grew 1 1/2 more on my belly and baby moved up another cm....that is a good idea with the TP test ... so at 33 weeks i measure at 12 squares of Charmin due date is dec 28th :o)


Bree - November 7

Hey everybody. Can somebody explain the tp test? I guess I missed the whole thing? Does it predict if you'll be early or late delivering? I want early!!!! How is everybody doing. I'm feeling bigger by the minute and not liking it one bit. I grunt when I sit down or stand up, anyone else? I'm sick of waking up during the night just to turn my huge body over to the other side or change positions, and what is it with the peeing every 5 minutes all of a sudden. This child is having a ball twisting and turning all the time and I hope he's not moving his head away from the down position. I can tell he's not the same as he was for a long time. He's moved! Anybody else feeling that way? My stomach is growling constantly, but my appet_te is not high, which is total h***ll. My ankles look like elephants when I get home in the evening. Since it's back hot here, I'm back to wearing slide on shoes. I know it's not proper, but I'm behind gla__s and a counter so customers don't really see my feet, but the socks (no matter what kind I wear or how much I stretch the tops out in the morning) are cut about half an inch into my ankles by the time I get home. I know it's normal but eeeekkk... I hate it! On top of it I've got a few zits going on. I'm freakin 36 yrs old! zits?! D**** hormones. &&&&&&& so sorry for the rant &&&&&&& I'm just feeling wayyyy too pregnant and wondering how I'm gonna make it 7+ wks.


mom to be - November 7

I was a__suming the tp test to be a way of measuring your belly so we are all able to compare are size :)...and u r so on the MONEY i feel exactly how u feel Bree to a T !!!!


MJ - November 7

Hey all! It's great to hear that we are all going through the same sort of stuff. I am 36 weeks today and feeling very frumpy. To TCM - I am an Aussie too and I agree that it is very much a no-no to wear underwire here. I think it has to do with studies showing that the wire can dig in and block milk ducts in your b___sts - not really important until you are feeding I guess but I guess if you start wearing maternity bras now then you will get used to no wire anyway. BTW, I am 9 squares of cottonelles - does that seem little? .... All the best to you all.


CC - November 7

I'm 35 weeks and 10 1/2 squares


YC - November 7

Hello everybody. **Patty you are hilarious. I always love reading your posts! You are also brave to face those cornfields again! I hope they are cut down. **TCM that’s interesting about the underwire bras. I have been large chested since puberty so I have always worn them. I don’t know any different. It might be nice to change it up. These bras are killing me as I am now a 40DDD. **Bree I am right there with you with the zits. I am 29 and have pimples like a teenager. Ewww, it’s so gross. How hot is the weather where you are? Thank God it has cooled down here. It’s rainy today. I can’t wait for winter! I seem to be having the same aches and pains as everyone else. I can’t wait until maternity leave. We picked up the nursery furniture this weekend so now it’s all starting to feel real. 40 more days to go. Glad everyone is doing well. Well I better get back to finding a baby name…can you believe we still don’t have one? My poor baby is going to go home from the hospital as “Baby Girl Jackson”. Have a great night.


Lindsay - November 7

Ok i am 35 weeks and almost 10 squares. still measuring small whatever that means. and i dont blame anyone for hoping for an early arrival. i am just hoping that if i go over my due date that my doc wont wait until after xmas to induce.(due dec 15th...wat do u ladies think?) everyone keeps telling me s_x helps but i cant stay awake long enough, i'm afraid i will smother hubby, and i'm positive i'd have to stop for a potty break lol. i've also heard walking helps which i'm also not too excited about. i mean he has to come something right? i was wondering how many of you are having planned c sections or are planning to have epidurals or what else you ladies have decided on...i told my doc i want an epidural most likely but i'd like to sit in the hot tub for a little first. well ladies i am off to the frig for some apples and caramel dip mmmmm.... goodnite~


Erin - November 8

Hi girlies, I am finally back, glad to see you guys are doing well! I did the tp test and was exactly 8 squares (almost 35 weeks), but after careful examination of the tp I have decided that the german kind has longer squares. So I guess I'm not a good comparison, because I am HUGE so 8 squares so does not match up. By the way I have seen lately on some other threads that there are at least one or two other Erin's, maybe I should start using a last name initial so I won't be confused with someone else? But then again I only post here anyways. I agree with you all about the dreams, I am HATING these crazy dreams, they seem so real and are so nuts! YC, how have the pelvic pains been, are they getting a bit better? I am starting to get them too. I completely agree that the third trimester has gone by really slow, it is unbelievable...what does your nursery furniture look like by the way? You will have to post a picture on the yahoo group. Kayla, do you get a lot of BH's? Maybe it really is from the s_x, because I have had almost no BH's but I am also not having s_x, poor hubby--but I just feel so yucky and have never felt less s_xy. Maybe I should give it a try though. Patty, I agree with YC that you are very funny and I am impressed that you are going to brave the camper again! I hope you have fun. By the way, my MIL is also very b___t-innie, I was talking about getting a baby swing (which are not really used much for babies in Germany) and she cracked up laughing, saying, your baby will want it's rest and not a crazy swing! In my opinion babies love swings and they are fun, and if I want my baby to have a swing they will darn sure get one! TCM, sounds like you are dealing with some funny stuff too...I am glad the visit with your BIL went well and that things are moving along with the house. Not to rub it in to you guys who have been complaining about pimples, but I have actually been so excited about how great my skin has gotten in the 3rd trimester! Really clear and pretty, although I usually struggle with my skin even though I am 31. It was oily, pimply, and ugly, though, in the first two trimesters. Lindsay, I think it depends a bit on the area you live in (and of course your situation) for when you could be induced, my sister had a baby in NC in July and they induced her when she was 14 days over, she was going nuts. Hopefully you will have your baby earlier, I can understand about not wanting to go until after Christmas! My dd is Dec. 21st but because of some health problems they will induce two weeks early on the 7th. I am not too excited about it and I would much rather the baby come on its own, but it does have some advantages too I guess. To answer your question, I really, really want a natural birth without an epidural or c-section--we will see! Yum, I love apples and caramel dip! Well, take care everyone and I hope you all have great weeks!



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