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Gina - October 27

Hey Everyone!!! I had a doc appt. today. I AM MEASURING AT 35 CM FOR 31 WEEKS!!! I knew she was big. Two weeks ago I was 31 1/2 at 29 weeks. Now I get to have an ultrasound in two weeks to see how big she is. AND! My cervix is thinningoiut already. I knew these contractions were doing something. I now I have a verbal committemnt to see doc a few days before my 39th week to set up an induction. I am happy. I wish it could be 38 weeks. So it looks like she will born no later the Dec. 20th or sooner if I keep thinning and start to dialate on my own. Okay I am off to pack for my trip! Just wanted to share. Hope all of you have a nice and relaxing weekend!


YC - October 28

Hello Everyone. Wow Gina, looks like a lot of us are measuring big. I measured 36 weeks on wednesday and I am only 33 weeks today. Sounds like you might be the first to go with the thinning, etc. TGIF! I am so ready for the weekend. It has been so hard all week to get out of bed at 5:30 am and make it to work. I think I have been late everyday this week. Good thing I am the only one here that early in the morning :0. Does anyone have any big plans for the weekend. Gina I know you are taking your trip. Have fun. My boyfriend and I are going shopping tonight for the stroller/carseat and a few other items. Other than that I plan to lay around all weekend and be lazy! I am still recovering from all of the family we had in town last week. Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend! p.s. have you all read the rest of the board...people are having their exciting. I cant wait to have one of those posts.


Karen - October 28

I am 32 weeks pregnant and when I went to the doctor this pa__s Monday, she told me that I already dilated 1 cm. The problem is, I still have about 8 weeks to go. I had my first child at 37 weeks pregnant and he turned out to be health, active and strong. I had this thing about being in the hospital for Christmas, well, maybe I won't make it till then by I'm still hoping that this baby does not come for at least 5 weeks. I've had so much trouble during this pregnancy. I threw up for 2 months straight, twice a day, etc. You get the picture.


jackie - October 28

I have a dr appt this monday & they are going to check to see if i am dilated...i am excited! Everytime I ask how I am measuring I am old that i am right on schedule....hoping he comes before then :)


PATTY - October 28

Hi yall....Gina I am so excited for you!!! wow cervix thinning already I know you are thrilled but keep those legs crossed for a little longer lol....YC I have been reading the other posts too and it is so neat to hear about other peoples experiences....I must admit it has set me more at ease the more information I gather about this birthing business and the more stories I hear that come out good...jackie when I go to the doctor I am told the same thing ..that I am measuring exactly what I am supposed to be but I think he might come a little early ( could be wishful thinking) but as it stands it is very possible for me to be in labor on christmas day!!! I am looking forward to this weekend cause my dad and his bluegra__s band ( he plays banjo) are going to play tomarrow and we are going to have a cookout and I am getting out of the house!!!! I have been at home for the last 3 weekends helping with the babies room and do not get me wrong, I would love to have it finished but darn I am excited about getting to do something else for a change.....on sunday me and hubby are going to drive in the mountains and look at the changing of the leaves and I always love to do that......I hope everyone has a great weekend sorry so short see ya!!


Ca__sie - October 28

Gina, have fun in Des Moines and congrats on the thinning. Isn't it funny, the things we congratulate each other on? hehe. My friend who just gave birth, was 85% effaced two weeks before her due date... not dilated at all. But she did give birth two weeks early... so you can still be "early" even if you aren't dilating. I don't think I'll find out anything with what is going on inside me for at least another two weeks. I go in for an appt. on Tuesday and then I'll probably have to wait another two weeks. Karen and Jackie, I am right on schedule as far as the uterus is measuring as well. Every time I go in, I'm right on target... except at the beginning... I was actually measuring big to begin with, but now she's right where she is supposed to be. Patty, glad you're getting out. I would like to do something fun with hubby this weekend, but we probably have too many things we should get done. We're still a little behind on stuff. Have fun looking at the fall colors though. I love to do that too. It is just past peak here, but still pretty. Gonna go through a corn maze this weekend as well. hehe..


Lindsay - October 30

Hey Ladies! Glad to here everyone is doing well and things are moving right along! Gina- i wish i had a set date or even an idea of when this child will be arriving. i am actually measuring small :( does that mean he'll be late? i REALLY hope he's here before chirstmas. my doc says they usually induce 10 days after the due date and mine is the 15th therefore i suppose they'd induce on xmas. hopefully i'm wrong and he'll be here before then. my mother and grandmother all had there children at least 2 weeks early so we'll see. well mommies i am going to take a "warm" to yous soon!


TCM - October 30

Hi - I am also measuring exactly on schedule - dont think it those measurements are indication of them coming on time unfortunately, just gives the drs an idea if there is anything they need to be concerned about (and I think the "normal" range is pretty big). My dr also said he would not let me get more than 10 days over so my baby will be born this year but I am hoping he may decide to come a just a little early (aren't we all!!). Have a friend who was due last Tuesday and it is like torture for her now (she'll be induced on Wednesday if nothing happens) - dont want to go through that.


Bree - October 31

I, too, am measuring exactly on schedule. I want to measure big and have him early! I'm due on the 28th and don't want him to be a Jan baby. I need the tax credit -lol and am already getting huge and miserable a little. I just want him here so I can love him!!! My other 2 were 13 days late and 2 days late. I hope that's no indication for this one! I'm doing some wishful thinking as well. I'm hoping for around the beginning of Dec instead of the end. I'd also settle for my father -in-law's birthday, the 16th since he's so excited about this grandson! ^^^^^^ In other news^^^^^ I hope everyone's doing well!


YC - October 31

Bree I hear ya on the tax credit ha!ha! Luckily I am due the 17th and there is no way my doctor would let me go until January :)


Gina - October 31

I want to make it to 38. Then I know or hope there wont be any breathing problems. I am having an ultrasound next week to check the size of her. I am miserable and just want this over! Anyone else feeling overwhelmed? My pelvis is killing me. My students are horrid. I cried today after a cla__s left. I am not a cry baby otherwise. I dont know how long I can do this. I even told them today was my b-day and it did not matter. Doc wants me to take it easy here. No chance. Hey my trip was good. Nice little town, Des Moines is. I learned lots at the convention and even learned one simple dance. I learned how to plam weave, make a different kind of Italian cookie and much more! It would have been nice to wake up without chest pains though. Does anyone else get chest pains? I want to die when I get these.I usually get them at night not during the day. Okay I am going home. Hi to all. I hope everyone else is feeling good. OH YEAH, the crib is up and it is cute. I hope the shower happens I can be completely ready. I am going home and relaxing, putting feet up and hope I am not sick. I am sick everyday.......LOL


Erin - October 31

Hi all! Don't have time to write much but I did want to say Happy Halloween to all and most importantly...Happy Birthday Gina! Sorry your day wasn't that great so far but hopefully you will have a nice evening. Take care everyone!


YC - October 31

Where is my brain...HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA! Hope you have a relaxing night!


TCM - October 31

Happy Birthday Gina!!!! Hope your day has improved! (My next birthday will be on my first Mother's day ... seems like a good omen)


Kayla - November 1

Oh Gina, I cannot believe I forgot it! Happy Belated Birthday! I had it on my desk planner but i didn't come in to work yesterday! What do you expect form a pregnant woman? hehe Hope your evening was relaxing...


Gina - November 1

Thanks all for the Happy Bday wishes. It was truly a horrible day yesterday. Today was better. 7 more weeks from today to induction.....I am off to take a bath that is always too hot for me but I do it anyway to relax my muscles! Hope all is well with everyone!!!


Lindsay - November 1

Hi ladies...i'm back to inform everyone that i went to the doctor today and got a flu shot and now i have flu like symptoms. just what i need. i also got a tetnis shot..oww! and my doc checked and said that the baby is in position (head down). I felt him moving himself around in there last night and it didnt feel too great so i imagine he was turning himself. i am still measuring small :( but the doc said that doesnt mean he will be late...we'll see about that.6 more weeks and he better be here. i just cant stand the thought of having him on or after christmas. Well i hope everyone had a nice day and all is well. i am going to go ice my bruised arm :( and hope this flu thing wears off soon...have a good night!



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