December Mommies Nov 10

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Cassie - November 10

Here is a new thread since the other one was getting lengthy. Since I've already posted today, I don't have much to say... except that I just had some Taco Bell and it was gooood. lol


Jackie - November 10

I had subway for lunch and it was delicious!!! Been busy at work writing out my thank you cards from baby shower...been a little nervous reading up on preeclampsia (posted early today regarding my dr visit). Other then that looking foward to going home and lying on the couch watching the apprentice and er :) Oh my hubby set up the nursery yesterday so all we have left is the window treatments, maybe a few shelves and a border :)


TCM - November 10

Hi all. Have missed a lot the last couple of days. We moved home on Wednesday - absolutely exhausting and I was mostly "supervising". Took the day off work and yesterday I was so tired I could not come in again - would have sat like a zombie at my desk all day. Have a couple days more unpacking to do and tomorrow is our housewarming/ 30th Bday party for hubby. Dont think the house will be in a fit state for "warming" .... Anyway next weekend is to FINALLY start on a baby nursery ... have left it very late. **YC we also need a full name. We have only one boy name which we agree one - problem is we want to name him after someone and our one name isn't any good for that. ** Lindsay - I am definitely having an epidural! Just decided againt the planned c section this week (could always change my mind again though). ** YC, my due date is the 20th Dec and I am working until the 9th. Can work from home for the last couple of weeks too - think I will work from home 2 days a week at least at that stage. ** Kayla, that sounds really b^&*chy from your mil!! How did your sister take it? **Patty, your boss sounds a lot like mine. He is really sweet and anxious that I am looking after myself and the baby. My husband joined us for drinks one night and he was trying to talk my boss into letting me have the baby and come back to work the next day - no reason to take time off or stop earning, I could just "pop" him out and log back on from my hospital bed. He was joking of course but the next day my boss told me that he really would support me taking all the maternity leave I needed and coming back part time. Was very sweet. Did I write about my husband making 5 wrong turns and taking 20 minutes to do the 2km drive from our new house to the hospital - forget high speed chases - I am getting a taxi!!! Haven't had a chance to reply to everyone yet but ned to run ... keep well all.


Ca__sie - November 11

Jackie, I really wish they had drive thru Subways here... I much prefer Subway over anything else, but I hate going into restaurants these days... I feel like everyone is gawking at me. I won't go into VS anymore either even when I get the free undie coupons... I feel like everyone is looking at me thinking, "Why are you in here? You know you can't fit into anything, you big whale!" Ok ok... I know it must be just imagining it, but I do feel that way. Just too insecure right now. TCM- so glad to hear from you... it's been a while. I'm glad you mostly supervised the move. You shouldn't be lifting or doing anything strenuous. Take it easy and let hubby/others do the hard work. I also can't believe you are unpacking at getting the house ready for a party! You are superwoman! :-) Let us know how the nursery goes.


Gina - November 12

Hey ladies, where r ya? TCM take it easy with the lifting. You dont wanna pull anything and still be in pain for delivery. Good luck with the nursery decor Jackie. Do you have a theme? Hey Ca__sie, you dont have far to go. You will be wearing VS's in no time! I still wear thongs actually. I dont know how but I do...LOL Okay just stopped in to say HI. Good night...


Lindsay - November 13

Hi ladies. Oh what a day! After my sleepless night i ended up staying in my pj's most of the day. I have a cold and whenever i b__w my nose it bleeds. Ca__sie- i so know what you mean about going into VS. I went in the other day and made the mistake of picking up a see through thong and all the skinny girls looked at me like "ew u sicko havent u done enough" oh well my figure will be back in no time and then they can eat their words (or thoughts lol) Gina- i sometimes still wear thongs but only cotton ones. it made my hubby realize i had gotten my 1st stretch marks on my BUTT! i dont have them anywhere else and with 4 weeks to go hopefully things will stay that way. my dad seems to think that it is necessary for him to come and stay with me when i first have the baby. the thought was nice but i think i'll have to pa__s on the offer considering he doesnt know much more about babies than me. well hopefully soon we will all have more interesting stories and experiences to share with each other. my parents think my baby will be early but i have it stuck in my mind that i will be pregnant for sooooo long! well i hope u ladies are having sweet dreams unlike me, awake! lol. i am going to try to get some to yas later!


TCM - November 13

Hi all. Well - the party went well except that more people than we expected turned up and we ran out of meat - very embara__sing but nice to have so many people celebrate with us. Certainly motivated us to get the house in some sort of order. I was very stiff after a couple of days moving and unpacking - I didn't lift a single thing but even just unwrapping things and walking up and down the stairs so many times a day left me sore. Guess its my body saying "take it easy". Getting up to go to the toilet on Saturday night felt like running a marathon! Yesterday I slept for 18 hours!!! Wonderful! My appet_te has changed recently - I am really hungry in the morning and eat breakfast before work, then buy toast early in the morning at work, and have lunch by 11:00am and then I dont want to eat the rest of the day. I am certainly getting enough calories with my 3 "breakfasts" but it is VERY unusual for me not to want to eat. Anyone else? Lindsay - I have been quite against my parents or in-laws staying with me when the baby is born (they will be coming from overseas but staying in rented units) but have a friend who has just had a baby and her mom has been staying with her and taking SO much pressure off her and helping her out I am thinkig maybe it would not be such a bad idea. She says that while her husband does baby stuff like bathing or settling, her mom helps look after her like getting her tea or cooking for her etc. Just struck me this morning that I only have 3 more weeks of work - it is really getting close!!


Ca__sie - November 13

TCM- yes my appet_te has changed. I can only eat so much these days and then I am full.. for a loong time. Even drinking fluids will get me and keep me full for hours. Not much room in there anymore. ***On Friday night, hubby and I went to Tumbleweed for supper. Had never been there, and was very uncomfortable in the seats we sat in... but it was all worth getting out of the house for. I couldn't eat much, even though I only got a salad, but it was great to get out of the house. Anyway, on our way out of the restaurant, a waiter says, "How much longer do you have to go?" I told him that I had one more month. You should have seen the look on his face! He was like, "REALLY?" as if he though my water was going to break right there. What made it worse was that just previous to that, hubby and I were at a Hallmark store in the mall. The cashier asked when I was due and when I told her I had a month more to go, yet felt like I could pop at any minute, she told me that I looked like I would pop at any minute. See... this is why I don't like going places by myself. If hubby is with me, I can stand it... I have his support. But I've become such a hermit now. I'm not the "cute pregnant woman" anymore. Now I'm the very big pregnant woman that might b__w at any moment. hahahaha!


Jackie - November 14

HAHA I know what you mean Ca__sie! I have 3 more weeks and if I hear one more person tell me that I look like I could pop any moment I might pop them upside the head! J/k but boy do i sometimes feel like it. I am really swollen so i feel like I look like Shrek already so peoples comments do not help at all. On a good note my friends had a baby mom shower for me! It was so cute! Since I am addicrted to gossip magazines they had a whole celebrity mom of of all the stars and their babies...invite had a pic of me and my hubby as if on the cover of Star magazine and the headline was about us and baby! Everything was themed around celebs and they made me feel like one!!! They were all at the shower my mom threw for me so they had already purchased baby stuff so this time all presents were for pampering me! I got a foot spa, facial products, s_xy pjs and makeup brushes etc! I thought this was such a cute idea!


Jennifer - November 14

Hi girls, I don't always post, but I'm a December mommie too. I'm due the 15th. To Ca__sie and Jackie I also get the OMG! You are that big and still have a month to go looks and comments. I also feel like everyone is gawking at me. For so long everyone told me how "cute" I was and they would say things like I wish I had looked that good when I was pregnant. Not any more! I've morphed from "cute" pregnant woman to hideousley fat and ugly pregnant woman over the last two weeks. Have you guys noticed a big shift in your hormones lately? All of sudden my face is breaking out all over. Since I've been pregnant I've had the best skin I've ever had until about a week ago. I've got like 5 or 6 pimples on my chin! I can tell I'm a lot moodier now and get aggrevated with people at the drop of a hat. I also think the baby has dropped. Hubby and I were staring at my belly this week-end trying to tell a difference, and were'nt sure, but when I came into work this morning I had like 3 people say something about me looking different like I've dropped. I guess maybe it's just hard to notice on yourself? We were at the mall yesterday and pa__sed by VS. I said to my hubby, God I wish I could wear cute stuff like that? He said you will soon, do you want to go in and look? I was like NO! Like Ca__sie I just knew the "skinny" girls would be looking at me like, what are you thinking girl, you're not getting YOUR a__s into THAT! I'm just praying I come out of this pregnancy with maybe a medium size a__s, I'm not even going to hope for small.


patty - November 14

Hi guys!! the girls came over and we worked all day saturday to get the babys room done and I am so thrilled. I just go in the room and sit and look around and just imagine having a little one in it. We put up the rainbow and each color blends into the next color and it is pastel then we put some glitter gloss over the colors and girls let me tell looks magical!!! We put clouds in the sky and the border around the bottom of the room and really I cannot express how blessed I am to have such good friends as to work all day with me on this and they were so concerned about making sure it fit the vision I had......just a few finishing touches left to do and it will be done :-) Boy am I starting to have the embarrasing moments......I am getting to where when I have to go to the bathroom ....I GOTTA GO!!! Pity anyone standing between the commode and me......every cat (I have 2) and every dog ( I have one) and every person better move quickly cause there is an emergency taking place and my sirens are on full force...I must say though it really is embarrasing........even more so when you do not make it on time and have to do all that undercover stuff (especially when all that rushing was for a little dribble) anyway I am sure you girls know what I am talking about.....TCM I am happy for you that the party went well and you're getting settled into the new house but I gotta say PHEW what a woman!!!! My appet_te has really went away as well and that [email protected]!!! Oh well maybe it is for the best considering the weight I have gained as it is........I still will wear thongs if they fit...I am not a bit descriminating about the *underthings* if it does not dig into my hips....yippie I will wear it and be happy too....well gotta go app....yuck!!!


Ca__sie - November 14

Hey girls! Jennifer- hubby and I did the same thing... wondered if I had dropped or not this weekend since for the first time, people have told me that I look different. I don't really notice a difference though, so I'm not really sure what they mean. Jackie and Patty- that is really awesome that your friends are so into your pregnancy and upcoming birth. Unfortunately mine aren't. Well... the one friend that was, just moved away to England. :-( My other friends don't really understand the importance of this since they are years aways from getting married or having a baby. Hubby is great though and that makes up for it. *** Though I'm sorry you girls have to go through it too, I'm glad I'm not the only one that is getting the "huge" comments. Less than 4 weeks until due date... of course I could go way beyond then too. Hope not though. I go to my doc appointment tomorrow. Will have my first internal, but am not getting my hopes up for any changes. I will post tomorrow and let you all know how things are progressing. Have a wonderful day!


YC - November 14

Hello everyone. Wow, so much to catch up on. **Patty the nursery sounds beautiful!!! I know what you mean about having to pee these days. I have the biggest phobia of public bathrooms (long story) but these days when I gotta go I gotta go so I have had to get over my fear ha!ha! **Jackie, I love the idea of the mom-to-be party. How neat. I have to admit I am addicted to celebrity gossip as well so I loved the theme of your party! **TCM you are superwoman! Glad to hear that the housewarming/birthday party went well. I hope you have some time to relax. As far as appet_te goes…I wish mine would slow down especially considering all of the weight I have gained! Glad to hear you only have three weeks of work left. I am counting down the days as well. I have all of this week and three days next week and then I will get to work from home until 12/9. I can’t wait! Well ladies, I experienced my first kick/punch to the bladder on Saturday night. OUCH! Am I a late bloomer or what? Now I know what you all have been talking about. My boyfriend thought it was hilarious. It sent me straight to the bathroom. Are you all still feeling kicks or have the movements changed? I get a karate kick every once in a while but other than that I feel these strange movements like she is rolling around in there. My boyfriend and I spent 20 minutes staring at my stomach the other night. It was neat. I am just glad to be feeling something at this point. Tonight we have our first cla__s. It’s the “Late Pregnancy” cla__s where we will learn how to count contractions and all that good stuff. We also get a tour of Labor & Delivery and will watch a video of a c-section and a v____al birth. I hope my boyfriend can handle it. It would be quite embarra__sing for the nurses to have to pick this big guy up off the floor. Well, I will talk to you all soon.


TCM - November 14

Hi All - working from home today (my one day for this week) and it is so much more relaxing. Getting a lot done too but it is bad to be so close to the fridge!! ** YC, those bladder kicks are VERY uncomfortable - my boy has no room to kick or punch anymore so he is just squirming. I had a meeting yesterday with some of my work colleagues to start a hand-over of some of the stuff I have been working on. I was chatting away looking at my computer and when I looked up they were all staring at my tummy which was jiggling as he squirmed ... a lot more interesting than my coding!!


Ca__sie - November 15

I've already posted this on yahoo and hate to be redundant, but just wanted to update on my doc appointment for those who are only on the forum. I had a cervical exam and found out I am 70% effaced and 2 cm dilated. Wow... and I was thinking it would be a while before things started happening. Hopefully things will progress by next week, but then again... they may not. Anyway, I was happy with the visit. YC- I am still feeling lots of movement. The bladder punches hurt, and when she kicks at my left side, it hurts too... but I'm just glad she's moving. I'm so glad you're feeling her and that you can have fun watching your belly jiggle with her movements. Hubby and I do that too. TCM- I think that is why I've gained so much weight... I'm home all day and have the opportunity to eat whenever I want. Luckily the weight gain has slowed down for me now though.


Gina - November 16

Ca__sie that is awesome!!!! I am jealous! I hope I get checked again next week. I have not been checked in 3 weeks now. I want this over more than anything. I think you and I have had the most problems out of group. At least if I am dialating and effacing, inducing will come easier. When I get to 6, bag gets broken, and it goes fast for me.I hope you are feeling well otherwise. Okay I have a cla__s coming! Good day to all


Kayla - November 16

Ca__sie, like I said before congrats on your progress, and you are not being redundant at ALL... I would do exactly the same if I were you... I hope you go soon, yeay!!! As for me, everything seems pretty quiet, I'm just counting down the days til, I stop working (11/30) and the I go home and hopefully have my baby soon after, or not (dd-12/10)... oh well, pains are worse now. When I get up at night to go peepee, I can barely walk straight I'm a combination of pelvic pains, lower back, a full bladder (with a few drops), and bh's... She's still moving FULL FORCE, I get kicked and punched that make me jump! and YC, that is really cool that you get to feel her now!!! And the story of your prenatal cla__s was hilarious (the twins lady!) Well, hope to hear from eveyone soon, we've been kinda quiet, no?



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