December Moms Check In Time

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Erins Mom - September 27

Hello ladies. It's been awhile sense we all checked in so I thought I'd start a thread. How's everyone doing? I'm ok, but I found out this week that I have a really bad vericose vein in my nether regions. Didn't know that could happen! I don't have any anywhere else but there. Apparently they'll have to keep a close eye on it while I'm pushing to make sure it doesn't burst. Sounds like fun, eh? Other than that I'm doing pretty good, I'm huge though. But I guess after a few pregnancies your body knows what it's doing and just lets it all hang out there. I'm having tons of bh contractions all day long for the last few weeks and the few occasional real ones thrown in the mix for good measure I'm sure. :). I'm also getting the serious nesting kick going on. I definately feel like I have to get everything ready and it's driving me nuts. How are you ladies feeling? Anyone else feeling the pressure to get things done?


AntsWife - September 27

Hi Erins Mom, I'm glad you started this thread. I was wondering where all the December moms were. That's weird about the vein, is there anything they can do about it ahead of time? I am definately not ready with stuff for the baby either, but I keep waiting for that nesting instinct to kick in. So far? Nothin. I'm due Dec. 2nd, When are you due?


mommyindec - September 27

Glad you started the thread. I am due on Dec 18th. I have not started shopping for the baby yet, still waiting for nesting to kick in to get things done.


Erins Mom - September 27

Hello ladies. Antswife, I'm due Dec. 24th, but I tend to go early, so I'm thinking it will more likely be the beginning of Dec. As for the nesting instinct, it's more like I have family coming in a few weeks and just want to have everything done, especially since I have problems with preterm labor.


Buffi R. - September 27

Hi everyone!!! That's so funny this thread got started today. I just "officially" transitioned to the 3rd tri board yesterday (due Dec. 26) and I was about to start a December thread before I saw this one. :-) I've had a wild few weeks with spotting, contraction and diarrhea scares, but luckily everything seems to be fine. Was at L&D on monitors a few weeks ago, and was sent home with a clean bill of health. I have a history of pre-term birth (32 weeks with my first due to a placental abruption and bacterial infection) so I panic at every little thing. I think I'll be a crazed mess until I hit 32 weeks with this pregnancy (God willing) and then I'll start to relax. I have my next U/S Mon Oct. 1 because I'm measuring large, so that's my next hurdle to cross. :-) With my pre-term history and all that's been going on recently, I've already been moved up to a weekly OB check up schedule starting on Monday. Is anyone else going this often yet?? Glad we can all start chatting!!! I'll check in again soon.... :-)


DaBonkElsMe - September 27

Hey girls! I am due Dec 10th so that makes me almost 30 weeks. I can't believe I am in the 10 week count down! I have been nesting like crazy, but luckily I haven't had to buy a thing. My baby already has 9 cousins!! So I have all the furniture, and more coming + my mom's throwing me a shower this weekend!! I also have the dresser full of hand-me-downs! I feel so lucky to have that b/c I don't really get any maternity leave so I'll be taking some time off without pay. All that we can save now, is a huge blessing! I've been having BH contractions already too, but not too often, maybe one or two a day, and some days none. Buffi, glad you got a clean bill of health! I am going to the OB every 2 weeks now, so not quite as often as you yet. I have had a pretty quiet pregnancy so far, hoping it stays that way! This is my first so I have no idea if I'm likely to be early or late. Either way, I really can't wait!!


wantanotheraftertr - September 27

Hello ladies! I am measuring big as well and have a cyst on my right ovary so I have an u/s in 2 weeks. My ob appts are just hitting the every two week mark. I'm due Dec 16 my little boy thinks my cervex is a trampoline or something feels like he's going to kick his way right on out! No contractions that I feel. I have started setting up his room but only because i'm anxious! LOL Buffi I hope it all goes well 32 weeks is still really early. Dabonk i have a dresser full of hand me downs as well from friends though and my shower is not till Nov9th my 16 yyodd is giving it so it will be interesting but she is haveing fun planning it. Hope to hear more from everyone as we get closer!


AmberNicole - September 27

Hi, girls! I'll be 27 weeks on Sunday, but I'm over on this board, already. I'm due the 30th, have a scheduled c-section on the 26th, and with my ds I had him at 36 weeks, so who knows what will happen!:) My belly is HUGE! My ribs, back, and belly hurt! Is anyone else really uncomfortable, already?


redmondsky - September 27

So happy this thread got started - we are due Dec 3 - well that's our scheduled c-section date! I finally bought some sleepers and NESTING - yowza - my husband and I are frantically working on renovating a small part of the house to make room for the baby and create a new master bedroom for us...I keep thinking ACK - we only have till the end of October. I am having tons of BH contractions and we have our fingers crossed that our little guy hangs in until Oct 3 - our "real due date" is dec 12. I feel and look so different than my first pregnancy. With our first boy I gained "all over" - rounded out to about 41 pounds gained. Right now I am at 22 pounds and it's all belly is huge and we all know those last 8 weeks are big for growth....great to touch base with everyone and read your stories!


Johnna - September 27

I am due December 3rd, I am so ready too, this is my fourth baby plus I had one miscarriage, after this baby I am getting fixed but I am so ready to have baby Lily.


Brendansmom - September 27

I'm due the 23rd and I'm hoping I'll get to pick the date for my c-section at my next appt. I feel so huge already and this little boy is quite the kicker. The nesting phase has just kicked in. I'm feeling very anxious to get everything done. I have this weird feeling that he will be here early. I'm really hoping that these last 3 months don't go by too quickly.


missy046 - September 27

Hello Ladies! I can't believe I am finally in the last trimester. I am due Dec. 2nd with my 2nd child. I am constantly sweating and exhausted. My 2 y/o has decided to be very bold the last two days. Maybe she is starting to realize that she will have a sister soon. I hope the tantrums pa__s. My last was a c-section but I am praying for a nautural birth or at least to go into labor on my own. I really want to expierence that but whatever keeps us both safe is good for me. Good luck everyone and God Bless.


Erins Mom - September 28

Buffi - what an experience you've been having! I'm so glad things have calmed down a little for you. I can understand being a little paranoid about that too! I'm going every two weeks now, but that's because I've switched doctors in the last few weeks and she wants to watch me a little closer because of my pre-term problems in the past, so here we go. Missy, I hope you get the experience you're looking for. I just had a friend whose last baby was a c-section and she just delivered (naturally) a healthy 9 lb. 10oz. baby boy this Tuesday v____ally, so it can be done! It's just a matter of finding a doctor who will let you try it. She ended up going with the midwives in the area just to do since every doctor she interviewed said no to begin with. It's so good to hear from you ladies. So are any of you taking childbirth cla__ses or have your birth plan outlined yet?? My birth plan is done and already gone over with my doctor, whose totally cool with it, which is awesome, since I'm a little more extreme than most people when it comes to natural childbirth (some of you may have noticed from some of my other postings :-))..


DaBonkElsMe - September 28

I hear ya on the feeling uncomfortable, I am not even that huge and yet I feel pretty uncomfortable most of the time. Everything I eat seems to stay in my esophagus and my back is constantly achey. And i still have 10 weeks to go!!! UGH!! So what things can we do to take our mind off of the uncomfortable factor? I am going for a mani-pedi today, because my baby shower is on Sunday. And my birthday is in October, I have hinted around that a message would be a nice gift!!


Zeke - September 28

Hi Ladies - I've moved over here too now. Due 12-22. Haven't really started nesting yet. Though I had to laugh at myself this morning, because I was thinking about packing the hospital bag - it hasn't even been that long since I had dd but i cannot remember all the things that should be in it. Hopefully I still have plenty of time. I am going for my 1hr sugar test next week. Has anyone taken their's in the afternoon before. The instructions I was give were to eat breakfast, and not have anything else except water until after the test. But it looks like I won't be able to go until 12:30. I don't know that I can go that long without eating anything.


DaBonkElsMe - September 28

When I had my glucose test at my last visit, it was in the afternoon, and they gave me NO instructions before hand. Luckily I knew others who were told to fast, but I confess, I did have lunch at around 12, but then nothing else but water, and my appt. was at 2:45. The blood test ended up being at 4pm, so I guess I fasted long enough. They didn't call, so I a__sume it was fine. I have my next appt on Monday.


wantanotheraftertr - September 28

I ate breakfast before mine as well. It was just Tuesday and at 11:30. I have not recieved a call yet so it must have been ok. I was also given no instructions so a__sumed it was ok to eat It has been 13 years since I have done this!



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