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tish212 - November 4

well everyone kept saying we should start a new I took the it won't take so long for me to load our thread....phew! last night we went to dinner at 9...and got out of there at midnight....and then I had a breakfast date this morning at to say I'm tired is an understatement. it was fun though...and now I'm back home so I can relax and take a nap..better get em in now cuz my sleep will really be lacking when the lo comes! I'm stil confused on the due date thing I mean I'd be happy if it turns out to be dec 19th dad asked me today how many babies I was smuggling in my belly...I haven't seen him since august...I told him I was having a litter...last night we went to a pizza place but ate in the bar b/c hubby and his frend were drinking... and the waitress tried to offer me a beer..I looked at her...andsaid really would u recommend that..and I looked down at my belly...and she said oh...well I figured I'd ask...personally if I worked at a bar I wouldn't serve a pregnant woman....crazy! well I'm goin to take my nap now....enjoy ur weekend ladies!


AmberNicole - November 4

tish, that same thing happened to me at a bar with my dh, recently. LOL Anyway, glad you started a new thread, the other one was really long:) My ds and I went and had pregnancy pictures taken, today. It was alot of fun and they turned out great. My ds is 6 and we both were wearing fleece pj bottoms and he was shirtless and I was in a sportsbra. They took pictures of him kissing my belly and of our hands making a heart on my belly, as well as us folding the baby clothes on the floor together. Very cute! We just went to Target, and with a coupon there was no sitting fee, and I bought 5 sheets and got a free 8x10 for $21. I didn't think that was too bad at all, and a wonderful keepsake! I can't wait to get them back:) Just thought I'd share the idea with you ladies. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


tish212 - November 4

that sounds so beautiful....I can't imagine a sweeter picture...and that's a really good deal! I considered getting pregnancy pics....but right now I'm not feeling so picture worthy...but with my next I would love to do something like u did...I bet they r gonna be the sweetest pictures!


DaBonkElsMe - November 5

Hey girls, Thanks for the new thread! Tish - don't worry about the due date, think about it this way, if baby comes at the end of Dec - it's what you expected, if he comes earlier, it's a nice surprise! My DH and I did pregnancy photos a little while ago too. We have no other kids so it was just him and I sitting and smiling at my belly, and one of me alone smiling at my belly. She took a bunch more, but I only bought those two and one of us looking at the camera. We went to The Picture People, b/c I used to work thereas a photographer and know most of the people there, but it is more expensive than Target. I actually hired a photographer to come to our home to take newborn photos after the little one is born. I can't wait - it's going to be so much fun! I hired her b/c I am thinking of going into photography on the side and doing newborn and family pictures in people's homes on the weekends. I wanted to see what type of equipment this woman uses so that I can decide if it's a feasable venture for me. I studied photography in college - even have dark room experience, but everything's digital now! Anyway, my sciatic nerve pain is SO MUCH BETTER today! I have no idea why, but I'm not gonna jinx it - I hope it's gonna stay this way and not return tot hat aweful pain I had last week!


mrssolo - November 5

I'm super cranky today. I've had a headache all night of course I didn't really sleep, still super swollen. Nothing helps the swelling. GRRRR I called the dr. again to find out my test results and they said they would call me back after the dr. looked at them, GRRRRR I just want to know I'm suffering for a reason and not just because I'm pregnant. I sound like such a baby and at least if I have pre eclampsia there is a reason for it. I just wish I wasn't soooo miserable. I'm a happy person and this is making me cranky all the time. I'm not up to getting pictures taken although I need to take pics of the belly so I never forget, lol If I forget I might let dh touch me again and I'll have to do this all over again, lol. I can't wait to get pics of my boys though. At childrens place they have these sweater outfits in baby size and in Billy's size. I want to dress them all alike and have pictures taken of them. Too bad they don't carry dh's size too, lol. Well I'm back to bed to sit and be cranky, I'll check back later.


Erins Mom - November 5

Sounds like I'm not the only one not getting any sleep. I have the hardest time falling asleep now and staying asleep. The slightest little thing wakes me right up and then I'm completely awake. I'm not really cranky though, thank goodness. I'm staring at my disgusting house thinking about how it needs cleaned and wishing the cleaning fairy would appear and magically do it all for me. I washed all the covers for all my baby stuff last week (swing, carseat, etc.) and now I need to put them back on everything, but no motivation for that.... I just don't feel like doing anything today besides being lazy.


tish212 - November 5

ok...I'm confused...I posted on here this morning but...its not here! I have also been lacking in sleep...but at my own seems I've taken up snoring these past few days (which I never snored b4) and it keeps waking dh he wakes me up....then I can't fall bac to sleep...he said the other night it got so bad he thought he'd never get to poor guy...but when he told me about it all I could do is laugh....I find it funny....I always say I'm gonna take a nap and then never do....and OMG I was nesting today I went through all our clothes and bagged up the ones we don't wear (for donation) and then refolded everything....vac_mmed everything again for the zillionth time...and moved more furniture into the babies room....I'm sitting now cuz my backs hurting like crazy....but I have no idea where this burst came I want to put my xmas tree up lol I just love xmas...and I have my tree ornaments out and all I can think of is how much I want to decorate the but I will wait till after thanksgiving...well hope everyone is trying to get more sleep today :)


tish212 - November 5

ok dumb question but I don't know what's an exersaucer (sp) I keep hearing about em but what are they? and should I get one?


margie - November 5

I want to get pregnancy pictures taken so badly!!! I had them scheduled this last weekend and of course just my luck, I woke up Friday morning with a stye that had completely swollen my eye shut, its just finally starting to open up more today. Oh well, maybe by next weekend, I think that it is a great idea to have a special picture to remember this time though. So all you ladies are tired from lack of sleep...but as for me, I am sleeping plenty at night, well except the usual toss-turn and constant restroom breaks, but I am still exhausted during the day. It's so hard working fulltime during the last couple of months, I was thinking back to how hard it was the first trimester too with the exhaustion and sickness and it felt like aaages ago to me! I am getting so excited that we near the end and I'll get to hold my baby soon!!!


Buffi R. - November 5

It's something you can sit your baby in (not a newborn, but older), where they can bounce on their legs, spin around (unless the seat is stationary) and play with all these toys that surround them. Sort of like a walker, but exersaucers usually don't have wheels so the baby can't move around the house in it, but be entertained and get a little exercise in one place. There are pro's and con's to it, like you should be giving your baby more tummy time, etc. but we used one with our baby and liked it a lot. You just need to remember to give some tummy time as well and not let it babysit your LO all day long.


Erins Mom - November 5

Erin loved her exersaucer (a great find at a garage sale) and I'm so glad I had it! I will definitely use it again for this one. So I tried putting the covers back on everything and got most of it done except I can't figure out the freakin straps on the carseat now that I took them all apart. Guess that'll be dh's project for the night. My house is now mostly clean, no thanks to the cleaning fairy and I'm heading off to work. Doesn't it always work that way Margie? Just when you get all excited and ready something always happens for picture day it seems (at least for our family, seems like Erin always gets some kind of gruesome bruise or something). Hopefully you'll still be able to get them done. So is anyone here into sc___pbooking?? I keep thinking about it, I love the way they look, I just honestly don't know if I'm willing to put as much time in as it looks like it takes....but like I said I love the look of them. Well, I might get on here tonight after work, but if not I hope you ladies all have a great night.


tish212 - November 5

my aunts sc___pbook..and make cards...they are awesome...but I don't have the patience I put all my pictures that I love in frames... thanks for the exersaucer question I had no clue....well I had a major burst of energy again....I rearranged my living room...dh bout fell over when he came home....he likes it, though he's upset that I did manual labor....but I'm bored! this maybe tmi but lately I've been having the most frustrating s_x in every dream hubby is refusing me completely....and then I wake up mad at I tell him about each of them and he laughs and tell me I'm guess my dreams r s_xually prolly will be going shopping tomorrow to get some things I need like curtians...a bobby pillow...the playpen... and some other that should be fun....well better go.... enjoy ur evening ladies.... :)


wantanotheraftertr - November 5

I never used an exersauser with my older ones as they really werent around then. I have a cousin that uses theirs all the time(babysitter) their daughter is almost 18 month and still doesn't walk. I will not be using one myself. Although I wouldnt use it as a babysitter either. Sc___p booking looks so nice but I am not creative enough and it is so expensive as well. I have started buying the photo albums that have a place for you to write in. It makes it much easier to slpi in the pic and then write a comment. I have one for this baby already and will be putting his u/s pics in it although I am waiting for my baby book so I can put his fist one in it. I want to have belly pics done with DH myself we never did it with the others but I have seen some and they are beautifull! At the very least I want some pics at home taken. I also can not get enough sleep right now. Dh snores and then I can not get back to sleep. Right as I am finally about to doze off the baby gives me a good kick in the bladder so its off to the bathroom and then another 15 min to rearrange the pillows and get comfy again. I see the Dr. tomorrow for week 34 I feel like the baby had started to drop also so who knows. Well I better get to bed befor DH maybe I can sleep a few hours befor he wakes me up snorning! Have a great evening (night)!


Mzwest83 - November 6

Hi girls and good morning! I went to the doctors yet again yesterday. But this time I got my last U/S. She is doing good at 5 lbs 1 oz and was breathing. Its all down hill from here! He also said that if baby is not here by 39 weeks I will be induced. I have to ask a question to you ladies that I should know. Could this have been my plug? Sunday night I was on my couch having my umpteen Bh when I feel wet down there. SO I went into the bathroom and peed. When I wiped there was a glob ( nickel size) of what felt like mucus but was clear and white. Now I forget what they are suppose to look like so I called my mom who said it couldn't because there is tons of it, bloody, yellow, green and stringy. Sorry if TMI. So I though maybe a new werid PG thing. yesterday thou I started to have irregular painful contractions. Not sure what to think. I thought about calling doc but he said at this point he would just let me go into labor.


Anathi - November 6

Talk about swollen feet mrssolo those I have and was once scared until went to the clinic and they told me on 3something weeks its normall and thanks tish212 for the thread its a good idea. Ladies I'm due Jan 1 but felt I must join he/she might early hence I'm also a premature who knows lol Funny enough with confusion of due date I havenot bought anything and the sleeping part I just cant sleep at night and even though the day I never get drawsy funny coz with my last pregnancy all I did was to sleep given time.Wow and my DH is so scared even to feel the belly the last time he touched my belly he was so shocked that its so hard, round and seruly heavy. lol he just cant wait to see our suprise lo.. This morning I had some dizziness and I'm still wondering wether is it normal or not ?


tish212 - November 6

Anathi- I too get dizzy a lot..when I stand up...or when something moves too fast on the tv... so ur not alone on that. I got to experience bh last night I got severe tightening...cramping and horrible pressure...but once I laid down and relaxed I felt a little better..I still feel terrible pressure though...does anyone else feel that (tmi but like I gotta go to the bathroom) well shopping today is kinda outta the question b/c its raining its b___t off here...and brrrrrrr its a cold I will push my shopping back to later this week. when I rearranged th living room yesterday I made room for the playpen and for toys...and dh loves it I made sure it was visible from almost everywhere in the house... but I will not be rearranging our living room again...cuz our furniture is heavy....I had no idea cuz this is new furniture that I picked out right after my surgery and my dh and fil moved it in...phew it was quite a feat yesterday! I think today I'm just gonna take it easy...I have my appt on the 9th and I can't wait to talk to the dr about my due date ...I would perfer the sooner date.... I am so anxious to meet this lo who kicks me every moment of the day (is this a sign that my child will never sleep lol) well ill check back later....enjoy ur day ladies...hope its not raining where u all are!


mrssolo - November 6

Its raining here too. I drove dh to the train and ds to the bus this morning. I don't want either of them getting sick. They are big babies when they are sick and I'm not in the mood for that. Mzwest83 I'm not sure about the whole Mucus plug thing I don't remember losing mine with ds. tish no more moving the furniture, you need to take it easy. I see the dr. tomorrow and I'm going to ask how much longer they will torture me. So I'm just sitting around like a beached whale today. I took to 45 minute naps already today so I'm not as cranky but my back hurts. I'm going to try to stop in the office tomorrow and make sure its still standing without me, lol. when I left they sent me messages everyday so hopefully they have gotten a hang of things. I was dreaming of a margarita before and when I woke up I could taste it, lol. wishful thinking I guess. They are just sooo good, I can't wait to have one. Anathi the swelling is normal but it is really uncomfortable too. I just can't wait for the relief. Well I'm off to lay back down. The swelling drives me crazy.



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