December Mums 32 Wks Normal Baby Movements

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Mercyluvbebe - October 12

Hey everyone, I was wondering if the baby movements that Im experiencing are normal at the moment. Im 32 weeks and I feel a lot of the movements very low my tummy. I know that the baby should slowly be starting to move head first but are these movements normal? Also my midwife told me that my baby's movements would start to slow down but he seems to be more hyper than ever! ANyone else experiencing this??? p.s. I finally see the first signs of stretch marks :(


jessb - October 12

I am also 32 weeks. My doc told me the same thing, about the movements becoming less. I dont think I have felt them any less either. I think I feel they just and much if not more intensely now. I feel some very low, near my cervix (my last ultrasound at 30 the baby was already head down) and lots of kicking up top on the rigth side. Its been that way for weeks.


homeworkwithheather - October 12

Hi ladies...I am actually 40 weeks...but my guy has not stopped moving or slowed down at all...everyone is different. They probably just want to make sure that if the babe does slow down, that you don't become too don't worry if he/she is still pretty active in there...


micsmms3 - October 13

I'm 31 weeks and she's moving just as much as I felt before, but with more force! I also feel lots of movements down low- she seems to hang out more towards the right side of my belly. And her feet- I think- are down low. The other day I felt movement up by my ribs! That was very weird. It's like some of the jabs are becoming a bit intrusive! All I know is that it gets more extreme as we go!


Mercyluvbebe - October 13

Thanks for your responses :o) I had my hospital appoinment today and I asked my midwife about the movements and as always I was told that it's all normal...most definately a relief. Apparently he is head first already which is also a good sign, but it makes me wonder...if he's head first does that mean that all the lower abdominal movements are him moving his head around down there?



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