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shannan - May 10

Hi, I am 37 weeks and have begun noticing that the baby is not moving as much as he used to. I still feel him occasionally but not like before. Do you think this is because he is running out of room? Anyone else have the same experience?


livdea - May 10

Shannan, I think thats pretty normal! They say it gets so tight in there theres not much room for baby! And you'll start to feel less and less movement! Haven't had the experience, since I'm only 31 weeks along but like I said, I heard its very normal!


Chrissy - May 10

Yup. Mine feels less like kicks and more like rolling, and some days are really active and others hardly at all. Sounds normal! I am at 37 weeks too.


shannan - May 10

Thanks ladies, you are making me feel better already :)


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 10

I am 37 weeks too and experiencing the same thing. I worry a lot about it, but she usually moves eventually. I am going to the doctor every week now so hearing her heartbeat is really a__suring too. I bought a little fetal heart tone monitor when I was like 20 weeks. It is nice to use when I am worried.


Amanda R - May 11

I went through a period at about 34 weeks (I'm 37 now) where my little one didn't seem to move very often and they have progressed from actual "kicks" to just body movements/rolling (like Chrissy said). Here recently though the movements seem to be ALL the time! I think my poor belly is stretched so thin that I can't even rub it or scratch it without waking my little guy up! LOL. When you start to get worried Shannan...try poking your lil' bub! That gets mine going and rea__sures me that all is fine with him.


^lucy^ - May 11

im 38 weeks and 1 day and my baby girl moves much less compared to previous weeks.. my dr asked me to watch on her movements and if i dont notice or feel any movement i shall go immediately to the hospital.. i think when the baby is slowing down in movement it is a sign of labor knocking the door.. i wish its true :) im waitting for her to come peacefully and soon!!


TaraNMatt - May 11

I don't know that I had decreased fetal movement, its just that his movements changed. Instead of a kick I would feel him poke his knee out or feel him turning to get comfy in there. As long as you feel movement, everything is fine. They get squashed in there at the end. My little guy is due today and he'll try and stretch his legs out and my whole stomach changes shape, his b___t pokes out one side and his foot the other, its pretty painful at times. No worries, as long as when you poke him he wiggles, everything is fine. Good luck!!


Jenn2 - May 11

shannan- that is normal for where you are in pregnancy. My doc just told me this would happen towards the end b/c, like many of the other ladies said, the baby runs out of room b/c they are getting so big. I am 36 weeks, and my baby feels more like rolls now instead of kicks.


pwd3mama - May 18

yeah I do my baby is large doctors say he is about 8lbs 8oz now and I am only 37 weeks so he doesnt move as much but as long as he does move I wouldn't worry


ash2 - May 19

i am 38 weeks and 1 day, and my doc said that he has run out of " dancing room"!! lol i thought that was a good way of putting it. doc also said as long as you can count at least 10 fetal movements in 1 hour than you are fine . he said go at least 2 hours before you come in to er, because babies sleep so much !



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