Deformed Stomach

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Evonna - June 22

Does your baby make your stomach deformed at times? Well my baby does. She makes my stomach goes to the complete left or right and it be so 'ugly' looking. I remember when my husband looked at my stomach and said "What the h__l is that?". I looked down at my stomach and started to laugh. I told him that it was our baby stretching (if that's the correct answer, lol).


Ca__sie06 - June 23

Mine looks deformed all the time! I dont know what this little guys deal is, but he only likes my right side. It always sticks out farther. If I lay on my left side he gets mad and kicks himself off the bed until he gets back up on the right side, then he wedges himself under my ribs so I cant move him. He is so stubborn already, he definitely has my personality!!


Soontobemom - June 23

Yea, my little girl likes to hang out on the right side too. It definitely looks strange, a larger bump on that side... O well only a couple weeks left of it though (36 1/2 weeks).


Nita_ - June 23

Yes, my tummy takes funny shapes when the baby moves around!! Come to think of it, last night, the baby was on the right side and it was sooo weird!! all bumped up on right and left was way low! these babies, who knows what acrobatics they are performing inside! LOL


1Sttimemomy - June 23

how far along are you ladies?


Evonna - June 23

I will be 34 weeks pregnant this saturday by the way. My situation is very similar to yours Ca__sie06. When I lay on my left side she gets mad and kicks herself off the bed until he gets back up on the right side, then she wedges herself under my ribs so I cant move her as well. It's just too funny to me.


Ca__sie06 - June 23

lol. I will be 34 weeks on Tuesday. The baby is so entertaining to me! It hurts so bad but I cant help but laugh!


Nita_ - June 23

I'm due on monday, so that will make me a full 40 weeks by then! I love the baby movements too. Even when they are hurting, all I can do is laugh! lol


ARD - June 23

Hi all!! I'm 36 weeks and my little one's movements, twists, twirls, whatever you want to call them, are like you all say, soooo entertaining!!! Yes, my belly looks unusual at times because she likes to curl up on one particular side - my right side. Or a huge knot will pop up and my dh will say, what the heck is THAT? I just tell him its her rear end! He just dies laughing!! Yes the movements are getting more uncomfortable, but I can totally deal with it!! It won't last forever - well, no more than hopefully 4 more weeks, so we need to cherish these moments now. Many women have told me how much they miss the movement once their babies were born. They felt like something was missing or not quite right actually because there was no more movement in their bellies!!!


ashchik - June 23

when are u due soon to be mom???


Soontobemom - June 25

I am due July 17th.


sophandbob - June 25

I love it when my tummy does that as then i know where bob is!! I'd love to be able to know where his little head, hands and feet are all the time, it was one of the things i found most facinating at my scan, knowing his head was down and to the right, his feet up and to the left. The best is when i get into the bath and lie down, because my tummy moulds into the baby's shape!!


falafal0 - June 25

Yep,I'm 32 weeks and you should see my stomach dancewhen he gets going. Our kids laugh and giggle over their hands moving with the baby. And it also isn't gentle either - I often try to imagine what the heck movement is he doing that would cause both sides of my belly to move at once, up and down, etc...but I just can't picture it! When I lie on my side, he likes it more. Must be more room because he lust loses it and really jives away.



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