Delivering At 35 Weeks

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Tink - October 3

who has? how did it turn out- was the baby in NICU long? i am 35w, but have a friend that is only 34 and a few days. she has been diagnosed with an aging (calcifying) placenta and they just found out her fluid is low too due to the placenta issue, as of late last week. she was put on p/t bedrest, and yesterday, they decided it was too low and baby is breech and can't turn due to low fluid, so they are doing a c-section on friday. i know she is really nervous and wishes she could keep her little one in there at least antoher week. she'll be close to 35 weeks on friday. just wanted to hear some good stories that i could pass on to her to make her feel better.


Buffi R. - October 3

I had my first at 32 weeks, and you don't want to use my situation as a good example because we had some very unusual problems, but I was told that most babies who deliver even as early as mine do just fine and much better than mine did. Especially since they know it's coming, she can get a steroid shot to help the baby's lung development (in my case, the delivery was too sudden for the shot to do much good). When my baby was in the NICU, I saw lots of babies much smaller than him that were simply there for monitoring and growth. I'm sure she and the lo will do just fine! :-)


LinLaceie - October 3

My baby was delivered by CSection at 29 weeks and is just doing fantastic! The technology they have these days to keep babies alive before they are due is amazing!! As long as the baby is healthy inside, they will be outside :) GL to her!!


DDT - October 3

I have a friend who delivered her dd at 35 wks. She had been on f/t bedrest since 30wks because she was dilating very fast. She went into labour on her own once her water broke. Her baby was breech and they had to perform a c/section. The reason why she was breech was because my friend's uterus was too didn't want to expand any bigger and her baby girl was very squished in there. When she was born her limbs were very out of joint. She stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks before she could come home. She had breathing problems, temp regulation problems and problems latching on. Eventually she learnt how to latch on though and my friend b/f till her dd was 8 months old. Her dd is now very healthy...small but healthy.


qdogs_navywife3 - October 3

I went into labor on my own at 35 weeks and everything went just fine. My daughter had no problems of any kind. She spent only about 2 hours in the nicu while they helped her raise her temp and she got to come home with me 24 hours later. She was really small though and we had a hard time finding premie clothes and diapers. Keep us updated on how it goes.


qdogs_navywife3 - October 3

Oh I wanted to add that she is now a healthy 4 year old.


nicole12 - October 3

I had my first baby at almost 37 weeks which isn't really that early and he came right home, but my mom had my sister at 24 weeks and she is now a healthy 28 year old and has absolutly no set backs in her life. This was years ago so I am sure that technology being much better these days she will be fine. Good luck to her.


January - October 3

I had my son at 35wks almost 11yrs ago. I went into labor on my own and it progressed quickly due to pre-eclampsia. He was just fine. No time in the NICU and came home with me when I went home. He's now almost 11 and over 4ft tall and 75lbs.


AliG - October 3

I delivered last Tuesday at 34 weeks. My baby is healthy but she is in the NICU. She did not have any respiratory problems or serious medical complications. But she has trouble nipple feeding and latching because of stamina. We are hoping to take her home soon. Maybe in another week.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 4

My husband was 2 months premature...only 4 lbs when born, and he got out of the hospital one week later...wasn't hooked up to anything.


Tory1980 - October 4

I delivered my first son at 33w5d and he was fine apart from a little jaundced and difficulty in feeding. There was no time spent n the NICU, he had the strongest cry out of all my babies (I blame the steroids they pumped into him when I ahd a previous bleed) and he stayed at my bedside the whole time. He turned five in August and looking at him you would never expect he was early! Tell your friend she has done her job and done it well to get the baby this far and good luck! She will see her little one soon!


sahm2alaj - October 4

I had my son at about 35 weeks... the NICU dr was in the delivery room just in case, but we didn't end up needing him. My son was perfect :) I had been on bedrest since week 30 due to early contractions before going into labor myself. Good luck to your friend, i am sure she will be just fine.


Buffi R. - October 4

Hi ladies! I didn't post this question myself (I replied earlier), but I'm starting to enjoy reading everyone else's posts for my own peace of mind as well. :-) With all the problems we had with my first born coming early, I'm starting to feel even better about the outcome for this one should, God forbid, she arrive early too. It's so nice to read all these positive stories. Thanks Tink for posting this!



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