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Gracer - May 15

Hi I am 30 weeks pregnant, and in my third trimester. Since the 3rd trimester hit I have had No motivation, to do anything! There is so much that I feel like I need to do to the house before my little one comes and have no motivation to do it. Also, I feel like 2.5 months is so far away and its never going to be time to have him, and then that makes me sad. I know that that sounds silly. Oh yes, and I want to do nothing but Sleep when I am alone, but when my husband is home I dont want to do anything but be with him! Am I depressed or is this all normal?


Tanaja - May 15

Oooooh that is sooooo totally normal. I am still this way and I am 38 weeks. I had absolutely no interest in cleaning or doing anything but sleeping. When my husband came home from work I practically clung to him. It's all hormonal don't think too much into it, we all go through it.


Gracer - May 15

thank you! :) I was worried! It just gets frustrating because I sit around or sleep all day and then at the end of the day Im upset with myself because nothing got done! Well, as long as Im normal. :) hopefully some motivation will hit before Corey comes along. :)


3babies - May 15

Hi Gracer I found that I had routine going when I got up so that I could achieve something! After Bfast I would make myself do the dishes, beds and put a load of washing on.I would write just one job on a list ie : clean bathroom mirrors . I found having the routine was great so that I got the essential stuff done and then by just doing one job sometimes it would get me into the swing of things and I would achieve more. Other days, if I didnt do extra I was at least happy that I had done my one job! I found it hardest to get motivated while I had morning (all day sickness) and my kids were on school holidays. Now I have no choice as I have to get one off to school! But believe me, not as much gets done around my house as before!



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