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LeslieM - June 3

hi all. i am 28 weeks and have finally had to admit to myself that i am depressed....i suffered from depression a couple years ago, and with welbutrin was able to get through it and weened off of it problem free after about 8 months. now, again, i cry all the time am moody and my mind races in the middle of the night. i have been pregnant before, and i had all the pregnancy emotions that our crazy hormones give us, but nothing like i feel now....soooo blue and no desire to do anything, sad etc. anyway, i went to my dr. today for my 7 mo. checkup and told her what was up and that i was terrified it might lead to post partum depression...she was concerned too and put me on welbutrin for the remainder of this pregnancy and after. she is a great dr. and doesnt give out pills on a whim...she didnt even want me using self tanner. anyway, i am sad to have to take meds, but grateful to be getting relief. anyone else out there suffer from depression and taking meds for it?


ekay03 - June 4

Hey hon, I also seem to suffer from depression with all of my pregnancies. This time around in a matter of just a few months my husband got a job in Houston for an offshore company (we live 3 hours away from Houston, Texas so we might get to see him on weekends), the owner of the house I was renting decided she wanted to sell it, I had to pack and figure out to move the whole house (thank goodness my parents moved the big stuff), and then I had to figure out where me and my 3 children were going to live, not to mention deal with the fact that since hubby took this job he will probably miss the birth. I was literally falling apart more and more each day. I have been depressed while not pregnant so I know when I am, but it was pretty bad this time around. My doc put me on lexapro, which I was on when pregnant with my oldest daughter. I HATE to be taking medicine while pg, but it literally came to that breaking point with me. So, I know how you feel about it all. I wish you lots and lots of luck. :-)



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