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w - April 19

Ever since my mother in law has come i have been very emotional and feel like leaving my husband. I can't stand her or her daughter they think they know everything. I cry everyday hoping that she will be going soon, she interferes in everything I do. I even have to tell her where I am going and I am 27 yrs old. I want to go and stay with my mum, but my husband won't let me, i feel that i am hating him and feel that he is against me. Wha should I do? I just want to pack my bags and go!!!!!!!!!!!


Jennifer - April 19

I feel for you. My sister in law and my mother are both know it alls. Sometimes I think they say the opposite of me just to get me mad. I don't have good advice but hope she'll be leaving soon? Don't let it interfere with your marriage. Also, when she asks you where you are going say politely...why do you want to know? Did you want to come?


Kymmi - April 19

Yeah, that would seem to be the typical mother-in-law thing. I loved my mother-in-law, we got along wonderfully. But now that my husband and I are staying with them (we are remodeling our own home and cannot live there during the process), I just want my space back!!! She of course knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. And I have two older girls (12 & 10) and there are times when we completely disagree on how to handle things when it comes to them. Now, these two are from a prior relationship and are not hers biologically. I feel she really has no room to try to tell me how to deal with my children, but because we are living under their roof, I find it hard to say something to her sometimes. It's really hard being under the same roof w/ a know it all mother-in-law,,,,, but keep your mind on the fact they will be leaving at least. How soon is not certainl, but be clear they will be gone soon!!!!


EM - April 19

w - don't pack your bags...pack your mother in law's bags!!! You absolutely don't need that frustration. I had some problems with my mother in laws advice she was giving me on the phone every weekend (at 8:00 am on my day to sleep in mind you!). I talked to my husband about it...actually more like screamed to him about it and he talked to her to get her to lay off. My in-laws recently came to visit in person and there was some frustration but not nearly as much as if my husband hadn't gone to bat for me. Talk to your hubbie - he should be supportive right now.


EM - April 20

Don't worry about it. After my husband talked to his mom she didn't do her usual 8:00am phonecall for about 3 weeks and told Matt that she didn't want to "upset" me. She was very childish but we're over it now and I'm glad she knows how I feel. WHy is your mother in law staying with you for 8 more weeks!?!


w - April 21

My mother in law lives with us the witch!! But she goes to the far east to stay with her mum and other family, so basically wen she comes back to the uk she has unfortunately opted to stay with thie son as no one else will have her! But she goes away for abt a yr and then comes back to the uk for abt 8 weeks. She was gonna go on 27th Apr, but the witch has decided to stay till after the baby is born now that she knows it's a boy. Oh lord help me!!!!!


EM - April 21

God I'm sooooooo sorry w. All I can tell you is hang in there!



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