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jodylb0221 - March 2

k first of all i know that there is a specific forum for postpartum but it doesn't get looked at as much as this forum does. so please forgive me if anyone is offended. k it has been 6 days since i gave birth to my precious baby boy... He is so adorable, i don't ever want to be apart from him. My emotions are extremely outta control... and i don't know what to do... all i do is cry, for no apparent reason, the littlest things upset me. i feel alone when my bf goes to work, i want him to stay home all the time with me and our baby. iwatch tv and i cry. i feel disappointed in my family for the way they are acting towards their first grandchild, and teh are acting like any other grandparent would. i live away from my parents and i'm disappointed that they didnt make the effort to come out here for the birth, they will be out here in 3 weeks. I look at my son and think i don't deserve to have something that cute, adorable and precious. i feel like somehow i'm gonna fail him and he won't like me or love me. i looked so forward to having this baby, that when he finally came, it happened way too fast and now i'm thinking what do i do now... i love being pregnant, i miss feeling him move inside me. i know i should be grateful that he is here and he is healthy, and i am gratetful... i just don't know what to do... i can't seem to get my emotions under control... any advice??? ?


pregnantjackie - March 2

I'm sure it is normal, I wouldn't even call it depression, just an overflow of emotion. I will probably be the same way, it is an emotional thing to give life. I recommend you join some sort of newborn womens club, it sounds like you are lonely.


Gretta - March 2

Hi Jody - I haven't had my baby yet so I don't have any experience post-partum but I agree. I think you have been though an awful lot in 6 days and your hormones are probably just now going crazy. I would just tell you to try and relax, get as much sleep as possible and don't be too hard on yourself. You will be/are a great mommy and try to do something really simple for yourself like paint your nails or take a long bath. Hang in there!


pebblesnbambam - March 2

Hon.. this is TOTALLY NORMAL. When we look so forward to something and it builds up and builds up... then boom... it is over... THE EVENT that is.. it is OK to feel the way you are. I went through something similar. I do the same thing every xmas.. work up soo much and then it is over. But now like you said.. you have this beautiful baby and this FLOOD of emotions... My family is 3 hours away and it is VERY hard when they are not around to witness this beautiful baby.. this miracle of yours. You get to feeling very alone! Make sure you keep up your health and talk to your doctor. I actually took an antidepressant (NO TOM CRUISE COMMENTS PLEASE) a month or so after having my son due to PPD. I could not understand WHY I would be depressed... but I was very sick.. missing my family.... feeling alone.. but LOVED my little man like nothing I had ever known... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Talk to other new moms... nurses.... doctors... your boyfriend.. You are still very much in the emotional stage of this whole thing we call birth.. give it a few days.. do what you can to have some moments to yourself... and try to find things to make you laugh.. the crying will stop... it is a natural part of this whole process. Good luck and if you need someone to talk to I will give you my email.. I really can relate to your post!


mary b - March 2

Keep your head up girl, you are going through something called baby blues and soon they will be gone..if symptoms persist for more than a couple of weeks, mention it to your doc right away...YOU DO DESERVE TO HAVE SUCH A WONDERFUL BABY!!! And you won't fail! Isn't this forum the best thing for us! I don't know what i would do w/ out this site!!!


jodylb0221 - March 2

thanks everyone for you advice, pebblesnbambam i sure could use your email if you don't mind... today eventually got better cause i spent alot of time with my son, gave him bath and he didn't cry. and dressed him up real cute...and kept him awake, so hopefully i will be able to get a decent night sleep, since we been home it has been d__n near impossible since he has days and nights mixed up... i have to see my doc on monday and i will mention it to her so she has a heads up in case it persists for more than a few weeks. this site is a godsend, i have got so much info from here, so much rea__suring advice, knowing that i'm not the only one going through what i went through and continue to go thru. thanks everyone.



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