Depression Or Just Hormones

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poohcma102 - October 3

Ok yesterday (10/2) was my birthday. I got up and the only family member that said anything to me was my 4 year old. My husband just rolled over and started snoring. None of my co workers remembered even though I joked about it the day before. I go home and my husband just stayed on his computer working. I had to wait for him to finish before we went out to dinner. All through dinner he just kept saying how tierd he was and he just wanted to relax. It was a nice dinner except his complaining. I was under the impression that he already had my cake which is the only thing I really asked for. He of course didn't. We go to the store to get a small one. What stinks is my 4 year old spies a Littlest Pet Shop cake and starts whinning for my husband to buy it. Of course he buys this cake and says I am a big girl and birthdays should be for kids. I still enjoyed the cake it just was not the kind or flavor I was craving. We get home and that was it. No gift no card not even Happy Birthday. He did mention that he was going to get me something but didn't because what I wanted (a radio for my car) would take him to long to get installed and he was busy. Around 1:30 in the morning I just woke up and started crying because I just felt horrible. I mean he could of at least said Happy Birthday. I also got to thinking about how I go all out for everybody else on their birthdays or baby showers and when its my turn I get the short end of the stick. My baby is due in 6 weeks and no one is giving me a shower. Which hurts because like I said I go all out for everyone elses. I stayed up from 1:30 to 3:30 in the morning just crying. I felt like I wanted to walk off the face of the earth. I am still feeling like this and its lunch time. I am sorry this is so long but I needed to vent and make my self feel a little better. My question is could I be suffering from depression or could it be just hormones?


LinLaceie - October 3

I would feel the same way and I don't suffer from depression or pregnancy hormones. He could have at least said Happy Birthday and bought you the cake you wanted. How rude of him. I reminded my co-workers last year for like 2 weeks, my birthday was coming up, then like 2 days before I stopped mentioning it to see if they'd remember (or cared) and nope ... not 1 person said anything to me, and I had been there well over a year, so these were all my friends.(And these same friends didnt show up at my baby shower last weekend either) It sucks when 2 words could make your day and noone says them... not like it's hard or anything . Happy belated Birthday. I hope you feel better. *hugs*


inuk-mama - October 3

poohcma102, it is completely reasonable to feel like that after you do so much for everyone else and don't even get a happy birthday! Have you talked to your dh and told him how that made you feel? It may help him understand that your birthday was important to you and he should respect that!It could be pregnancy hormones that kept you up for 2 hours last night crying, but it's understandable to be upset over it! hell, I probably would have cried even if not pregnant! I hope that today gets better and a very "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY" to you! xoxo


chickiepoo9 - October 3

I would be upset and cry if i wasnt pregnant, and when you are pregnant you are even more emotional so i would say it is completly normal to feel upset, if it was me i would make sure on his b day you give him the same as he gave you and he can see how it makes someone feel, well i hope you feel better and happy belated a few more weeks and you are going to have the best present in the world.


docbytch - October 3

I think some of what you are feeling is well as taken for granted. If I were in your shoes I would probably feel the same way. The fact you are pregnant just compounds the whole thing and I frankly think your DH was somewhat insensitive to you. Perhaps you should talk to your DH about the way his behavior hurt you. I would at least do that to appease some of these feelings. Happy Bday from cyberland though!! I sincerely hope you feel better!!


angie m - October 3

Poohcma102 I am so sorry that you had such a c___ppy birthday. I don't think it is depression at all just wanting someone to show that they cared enough to put out a little effort to make your special day special. I mean not even a happy birthday or a card from your hubby. If it was me I would have cried then went off one mine and probably at 1:30 when I woke up all upset even if I wasn't pregnant but he would have heard it all night if it happened when I was. "HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!" and big (((HUGS))).



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