Determination Of Gender At 14 Weeks

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jvall2030 - November 1

I had an ultrasound today and I am 14 weeks 5 days preggers. The doctor said everything with the baby looked good and that it looks like we are going to have a boy. Are the baby's genitals already fully formed at 14 weeks? How accurate is an ultrasoun a 14 weeks? I don't want to go out and buy blue stuff if it is not that accurate. I have heard that they tell you boy and it could be a girl!! Did anyone experience false gender determination through ulrasounds?


emfine99 - November 1

Well, I heard that they can tell as early as 16 weeks, but I have never heard them checking at 14 weeks.... but I'm sure if they saw boy parts, it could possibly be a boy! I would wait until later on if you have another ultrasound to make sure just in case! My cousins mom thought the whole time she was having a boy and when she had the baby, it was a girl! I think sometimes it can be mistaken because they do check early and all of the boy parts may not be formed. With a girl they see 3 lines and one could be mistaken for a p___s. I don't think it happens much, but I would wait if I were you! :-)


EMMA2 - November 1

It is developed but thats not the issue here. The problem with that at that time is losts of times they mistake the cord for the p___s. I am pretty sure he did not give you a % of accuracy either. My cousin had an U/S done at 12 weeks and was told "we think its a boy , however it could be the cord" But she had a boy!


jenna32 - November 1

They even mistake it sometimes at a 20 week ultrasound, but i'd wait until that ultrasound before buying stuff! However it is more likely it is a boy because their more likely to miss that extra part on a girl. I know this is also not very accurate for everyone but a lot of people i find, it seems to be true that if you're carrying high it's a girl and low it's a boy.


wantanotheraftertr - November 2

My husbands coworker just had a littlw girl last month they were told it was a boy via u/s. 14 weeks is very early for them to even be looking. you should wait till you are at least 20 weeks it is much easier to tell!


tish212 - November 2

all babies have what's called the indifferent p___s....meaning too early an ultrasound for gender will show every baby is a boy.... as the baby developes the p___s will either remain if its a boy...or split down the middle and grow into the baby if its a girl....look it up it is called the indifferent p___s.... I can't remember when it is safe to consider it has "transformed" lo kept its legs crossed and hands in the way when we went to check... :)


corbin289 - November 2

I worked at a hospital when I was pregnant and had a few early ultra sounds and they all said I was having a boy until my 20 week when we found out we were having a girl. I


KRISTINA - November 2

I tried to look up the indifferent p___s and I havent found a thing....anywhere in particualr we can go to read about this?


tish212 - November 2

ok the book I have this in is called "from conception to birth a life unfolds" ok and now that I've pulled it back out here's what it says..."though the indifferent p___s is visible the s_x of the baby is not clear from external appearance until 12 weeks" also " it the urethral groove (the opening in the middle) closes up then a boy will be born..if the urethral groove stays open a girl is about to arrive." but from what that says it is developed by 12 weeks.... u could look up urethral groove...or try looking up the really is a great explains step by step but also gives in uterne pictures of a developing u can seewhat ur baby looks like each step... sorry I didn't specify earlier...I will alo see if I can find info online about it


Mzwest83 - November 2

I was told at 14 weeks baby was a girl but not to hold my breath on it. I am now 34 weeks have had 10 u/s since everything is still girl.


tish212 - November 2

ok unless u r looking for either p___s enlargement or a p___s size survery don't look up the indifferent p___s (i just tried that's all I got) I looked up urethral groove...but wikopedia say only boys have it and it closes as their p___s developes...but the books shows a boy and a girl with I'm confused....I will ask my dr next week when I go back again... but let me say this...on my 2nd u/s the tech said boy...on the 3rd she said maybe a girl? so we decided to just wait and see...since either time she wasn't u might want to hold off on buying stuff or keep the tgs on it...incase u need to exchange dr said for us to not buy gender specific stuff since the techs can be wrong...and he said he'd hate to see us spend tons of $$ on stuff for the wrong s_x...I recommend that book I mentioned though especially as a present for newly pregnant shows day to day pics of early pregnancy so u can see what ur baby looks like each day as it devlopes....and it tells the days each organ is formed...when finers form...fingernails...etc.... :) sorry I recommended people look up the indifferent p___s w/o first checkin it myself...silly me...


jenna32 - November 2

oh i heard 3d ultrasound will give you a better chance at figuring out the s_x to if you plan on getting one.


jvall2030 - November 4

Thank you for all your responses. I think I am going to hold off on buying BLUE things for now until I get my 20 week scan. I was just too excited and I had to get an ultrasound. I think it just confused me more and made me more anxious to find out :) I will creat a new post with what my 20 week scan determines.



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