DHA And Omega 3 S

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DaBonkElsMe - October 22

Anyone taking DHA or Omega 3 suppliments? I do not eat fish so I don't get this in my diet naturally, and I've read that during the 3rd tri - this is important for brain and eye development. I drink OJ with DHA added to it, but I have heard that some people take it in vitamin form. I plan to ask my Dr at my next visit next week about taking suppliments, but I was wondering if any of you have experience with this.


evae777 - October 22

yes i take expecta, heard it was really good if you dont get enough of it in your diet


mommyindec - October 22

Yes, I am taking Primacare prenatal vitamins. it has Omege 3/DHA.


tracielee - October 22

i've also been taking expecta since the very beginning of pregnancy. it's basically fish oil caplets. one time one of the gelcaps opened andit smelled SO bad like fish, it was disgusting. But they taste fine as long as they don't break open! They sell it at Target or Walmart... i've heard good things about it.You can search for their website online


name - October 22

I had bought some Flax Seed Oil, but they were horse pills and made me vomit b/c of the size so I couldn't take them.


Greeklady28 - October 22

I'm also taking primacare vitamins. They are horse pills and hard to choke down. Make sure to take them on a full stomach. I took the fish oil one on an empty stomach and kept burping up fish taste, it was gross. A nice side effect is that my hair and nails have never looked better, and my skin looks good too.


AntsWife - October 23

My prenatals are Duet DHA and they're fantastic! You pee bright yellow, but that's another story ;-)


DaBonkElsMe - October 23

Thanks ladies! I ordered some expecta for this last month or so that I have left! It might be a little late, but better late than never, right??


alirenee86 - October 23

Antwife I've been taking the SAME vitamins my entire pregnancy, Duet DHA ec (enteric coated). One big horse pill, one little gelcap and I like them a lot as far as vitamins go. I don't eat fish at all either and so I feel good about taking the omega-3 supplement.


ayesha11 - October 23

my doctor suggested to buy eggs that have dha and walnuts are also a good source.



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