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Chloe - August 1

I am 28 weeks and was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Needless to say I am now worried and wanted to see if anyone else out here was diagnosed and had any information. My main concern is the health of my baby. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Wanda from NM - August 1

I am sorry, I don't have any suggestions, but this is an issue I am also worried about, because at my last 2 ultrasounds, the baby was measuring big, and my doctor wants to wait until 28 weeks to test me for GD. My question to you is, did you have any symptoms before they diagnosed you? From what I understand, if you have GD, you can control it with diet, excercise, and my insulin. The diet I hear is terrible. I hear GD can lead to big babies, but not much else. Good luck to you, keep us posted.


Debb - August 1

I just read today that one sign of G diabetes is that you go to the bathroom alot more than normal for pregnancy and there will be alot more urine as well not just a small dribble also you will be real thirsty all the time.


benji32 - August 2

Hi Chloe, I was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks, the is horrible but it works I take insulin twice a day. At 33 weeks my son and I seem to be be doing well just watch what you eat take a walk, and lay off the ice cream. Our babbies will be fine .


Chloe - August 2

Wanda- Thanks for the note. I did not have any symptoms at all. My last ultrasound at 23 weeks showed the baby was fine. Right now I am a little confused b/c I started self-testing (per my doctor) yesterday at lunch and since then my levels have been in the normal range. I am not sure what to make of this and hoping to get some answers on that today. I didn't get to see my doctor yesterday, so the only information I got was from the lady running the test. Good luck to you, I know how stressful this can be.


Chloe - August 2

benji32 - How did your home testing go? I started yesterday and the highest my level has been was 83 which is supposed to be in the normal range. Any thoughts? Either way, I am still concerned and will follow the diet and start walking regularly. This is really scary, but it is so nice to know someone else out there.


Wanda from NM - August 2

Chloe, any word back from the doctor? Fill us in about the diet, and excercise. Thanks, I am thinking positive thoughts for you!


Alison - August 2

Hello Chloe, My name is Alison and im 37 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. And I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes a few months ago ( 1st. time ever ) I was so scared and did not know what to do because I never knew anything about it...Now looking back, It's not so bad because I know how to control it. I take insulin in the morning and at bedtime.... I check my blood sugar levels 4 times a day.... I think it's a pain in the b___t, but well worth it in the long run. The only thing im scared about is it will not go away after I deliver my baby...My doctor and my Diabetes nurse rea__sures me that it should go away, but then I have a 75% chance of developing Diabetes later in life.....When I first started my diet it was kinda hard because I had to give up the juices I love so much, and I had to cut way back on the fruits....The sugars were not as bothersome as the carbs..... After my baby is born im going to try and stick with the diet because it's more healthier in the long run. I just saw my doctor yesterday and he said if my baby is big in any way it's not caused from my Gestational Diabetes, because I have controled it from the beginning.... I tend to have big babies anyway..... My 1st son was 8lbs. 3oz. ..... My 2nd. child a daughter was 9 lbs ..... And my 3rd. child a boy was 10 lbs. 5oz....... And I never had Gestational Diabetes with them.... I had no symptoms of Gestational Diabetes al all.... Just went in for my regular OB visit and had to come in for further testing. Chloe everything will be ok, Just stick with your diet and do your regular walking and keep your blood levels down.Is this your first child? And do you know what your having? Boy or Girl?..... I'm having a baby girl. And this will be my last baby, i'm having my tubes tied after my C~Section.... 4 children are just the right number for me and my husband.If you ever want to talk, just drop me a line. Take Care & God Bless your little one.


Mimi - August 3

Hi Chloe, I was diagnosed w/ gest. dia. at 26 weeks. I am now 33 weeks and doing great with just diet and excercise. I went to the doc's yesterday and he said he wanted me to get nst (non-stress tests) twice a week now. So every Thursday and Monday I go in for the NST at the hospital. Plus I go to the doctors every week now too. I should just get a room there. I think they are just doing it to make sure my baby doesn't get too big to deliver naturally.


Mimi - August 3

Some of you mentioned the diet. It really is not that bad. Stay away from sweets, sugars, starches, breads, pasta. No carbs no sugar! The doct will put you on a meal plan and it is really easy to follow, a small price to pay to keep your baby healthy. I lost 5 pounds the first month I was on the diet. Which was fine for me because I was already overweight. So as of now at 33 weeks I have only gained 12 pounds. I love sweets, so when I need something I grab a low carb choc bar, like a protein bar or atkins. And I fell in love with frozen fruit bars. They are nestle and sugar free and so good. I eat about 4 of them each night! And they don't raise my blood sugar. One big thing the doctor said to make sure you dont eat or drink any fruit drinks or have fruit in the morning. Too much sugar. Save that for the afternoon.


courtney - August 3

Chloe, I was just diagnosed iwth gestational diabetes last week. I am 31 weeks along and at my last ulrasound my baby was measuring big. I went and saw a dietician and was put on the diet. Since I started measuring my blood sugars they too are normal. I thought they may be high sometimes but they never are. I was nervous about having it too but one of my friends told me that it really isn't a big deal as long as you control your diet. So we should all be okay if we follow the directions of our doctors.


Lynn - August 3

SO what do you eat in a typical day? Like breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks...?


Feeling very scared - August 3

Hello ladies, i am now 37 weeks and just had my sonogram. The doctor said the baby is 7 lbs. He wants me to go for another 3 hour sugar test. I failed the 1 hour a few months ago and pa__sed the 3 hour. Everytime i go for a check up my urine has been fine. I Am so confused by this, honestly i don't want to do this test again. What happeneds if all this time i was diaetic? Also the Doctor said i have to much amniotic fluid for this stage of my pregancy. Did anyone have the same promblems?


NINI - August 5



April - September 21

I was diagnosed with GD at 28weeks. I had an ultrasound at 33weeks and was told my baby was already around 5lbs 13oz. I test 4times a day. I am now 36weeks and have another ultrasound @37 weeks. All I eat is a piece of toast in the morn w/peanut b___ter and water. Lunch 1/2 a sandwich, yogurt and a small gla__s of milk. Snack caramel rice cakes and supper a healthy meal as long as you are not consuming alot of carbs you can control your sugars. Remember that 1 slice of bread is 1 carb and a small gla__s of milk is 1carb you are only allowed 2carbs at breakfast and for snacks. 3-4 carbs for lunch and dinner. Its not as hard as it sounds just a little getting used to. Well I hope this helps everyone. I hope he hasnt grown much at my next ultrasound.


patty - September 21

I go for my 3 hour test tomarrow and are worried because my mom was a juvenile diabetic and big chances are I will become or my children. This is my first and I am 29 years old and in my 28th week and if the baby being bigger that normal is the only big problem when why is that such a terrible thing since they have c sections so routinly now??? Forgive me if I am asking a stupid question....


April - September 22

Yeah the biggest concern is the baby getting to big. But there is also a big risk of the baby being still born. My baby is big right now but I do a kick count everyday and he moves alot. I have read many sites on GD and that is all I can find out about it. I know if the diabetes go uncontrolled your baby has a big chance of getting diabetes later in life and being obese. I hope this helps.



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